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    might be helpful

    I'm assuming that a lot of you are like me, spending a bunch of time on CarGurus looking for ways to waste more money. Just thought i'd share with ya'll a website i found that combines them all into one. .. you're welcome, try not to waste too much time
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    Seller FEEDBACK thread

    I have a hard time trusting people!
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    #[email protected]%'n leave me alone already

    I have no guilt eating red meat. I bought a cow about three months ago and have two freezers full of Grain fed/non-Steroid Black Angus Cow. Yeah, I think I will go home tonight and grill a nice steak!!!! :)
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    HEI upgrade options - street car 350

    I put an MSD 6A box on my 91 Z/28 and it really smoothed the idle out and actually gave me 2 to 4 more MPG...
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    Z/28 stripes; is this wrong?

    Wrong stripes in my opinion.
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    Backfiring when let off gas

    Correct Spark Plugs?
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    What Engine to go with?

    Blueprint does make some good engines!
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    What Engine to go with?

    Depends on what you wanna spend but if money is not an issue I go with the GM ZZ6 Engine.
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    Can someone buy me a bolt?

    Lowes normally carries Hillman products. They should have what you need, if not have you tried a Tractor Supply?
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    Stuck between cylinder heads

    I've had really good luck running Edelbrock heads.
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    Gun control

    Kids broke into a house that wasn't theirs..... Man shoots kids.... Sound cut and dry to me! They shouldn't have been there! Case Closed!!!!
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    My 73 Z Type Lt

    F'ING BEAUTIFUL!!!! 1973 was always may favorite year!!!!! Good for you!!!!
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    So it begins...

    Looks like it's going to be alot of work, but Good Luck! Glad you will get to spend time with your son passing along a good skill and trade. :)
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    can't decide if its worth it 2.73 open to 3.42 posi

    I think it would be a good swap since it's an automatic transmission. When I owned my 91 Z/28 I wen to 3.73 in the rear but I had a 5-Speed. Made a world of difference. I had a friend do the swap at the time and install a locking rear. He only charged me $100 to do the swap and I helped him...
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    I'm finally outta here!!

    Godspeed Brother! Wish all the best for you on your new adventure in life!