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    What color should I paint my 79 z/28

    Thats a blondes ,brunets.and red heads type of thing .Its your car you do as you wish.
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    You either need someone to help you hold onto the door .And or make a cradle to hold it when yoy change the pins.
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    Published 50 years ago (1972)

    They were there before the internet .And are still valuable today.
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    What do you guys check? And how often ?

    Being a military veteran and depending on how often you drive your car ..You check certain things before you go out then some things weekly .And then monthly .They called it PM Preventive maintenance .
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    Looking for mud flaps / splash guards 1979 z 28.

    Check swap meets and Hemmings Motor News .Maybe even Chevrolet .To name a few.
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    Rear Window louvers

    There seem to be several companies who sell what you have in the Cragar version of them .Try Googling it was well as check in Hemmings Motor Manual .
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    Turbo build

    I would check the Turbo Forum for help .
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    Do springs actually settle?

    They usually settle about an inch over time .If not they may be needed to re arced.
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    I love Corsair shaped wings

    The bent wing bird . whistling death another name given by the Japanese because of the noise of the wind going through the oil coolers . There is both an F4U Corsair .and F2G Corsair at the Boeing Flight Museum at Boeing Field in Seattle.
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    could use some help on picking a set of headers

    I have a set of Doug Thorleys D308 headers Of which I have ad Cerma-chromed on my 1979 Z-28 with a Weiand mini blower
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    Dynamat or OEM Jute for floor insulation.

    I painted the bed liner with a brush when I did mine .Including the trunk.
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    Looking for the best Rebuild book for an 81 Z28

    Find all the factory manuals you can find on the car .And take pictures as you take the car apart. Most Chevrolet cars have alot in common. So if you have experience working on them .It helps putting them back together,
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    BurnttoastBurgos 1979 Z build post.

    Be very careful . .for one thing .I usually leave the shocks in as you separate the "A" arms .To "catch" the coil springs from coming out and hurting you.
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    Dynamat or OEM Jute for floor insulation.

    I used rhino bed liner then Dynomat .An an ACC Carpet .And with the heat of a supercharged car .Made my feet and the car itself a lot happier.
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    78-81 Door panel chrome strip

    Classic industries .PUI and others of the like.

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