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    2nd gen speedo

    Can't get the pics shrunk down enough, so email me and I can send you a couple of pics if necessary. No scratches and the speedo works.
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    2nd gen speedo

    OEM 150 mph speedo for sale. The speedo face is a bit dusty. $100 and the ride is on you.
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    2.5" Receiver hitch question...?

    It appears that way. I towed several loads over about 400 miles one way loaded down with about 8k lbs ea. time, in my 7 x 16 enclosed trailer. My F150 never sagged in the back a bit. I did make sure the weight was distributed so the tongue weight was at a minimal.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sealing Home Air Conditioning Ducts

    Yep, thats weird. I use metal tape if I have it but the stuff is so expensive.....
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    Sealing Home Air Conditioning Ducts

    I used duct tape to seal all the joints in my pipe connections or where there were holes in the pipes. Back in Michigan out in my barn I wrapped insulated wrap around the exposed pipes then wrapped them in fiberglass insulation to help keep the heat in the pipes so I got a good war flow out...
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    500 hp rockers!

    I believe you are going to want/need pvc valves in those covers. I have never heard they will drag down any hp, at least nothing worth worrying about.
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    500 hp rockers!

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    500 hp rockers!

    My little naturally aspirated 355 is pushing 508 hp from the rear wheels. Didn't need any rockers like that either. Runs off premium pump gas too. Its all in the build........
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    R.I.P. Raymond Beadle...

    Loved watching him at Martin US 131 Dragway years back. RIP Mr. Beadle
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    Possible ISIS attack in Canada - stuff just got real folks

    If you can't be factual about the caliber of the rifle perhaps you shouldn't mention it since it appears being factual to keep this thread going is of paramount import, eh?
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    Need some input

    Anti seize, absolutely.
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    Ebola in US (Texas)

    So, do we prepare or wait and see?
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    Ebola in US (Texas)

    Lets hope not 70COPO
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    Nasty on your smartphone

    Now its the router... LOL, guess with all the wi fi stuff we now have our little wi fi wouter just can't keep up. Its an old linksys wrt54gs. We are on dsl here. Looking at a linksys ac1200+, we're being told it will handle our desktop, 2 laptops, our 2 phones and when the kids come for...