RockAuto 5% Discount - Expires 9/22/2023

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Enter in the "How did you hear about us?" box for a 5% discount.

Are you a “Wordler”?

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Been playing this game for about a year and a half.

98% solved.

Any GM parts guys here?

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I'm looking for an EVAP purge pump for a 2020 Blazer with the 2.0 turbo engine.

GM part number 12735891

Apparently this part is on back order with no date on when it's going to be available..... or at least that's what they are telling me locally.

Time to buy an electric F150.....or not!

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Just one person's experience.

Liquid Tire Chain

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I know this was a very rare option for some early 2nd gen Camaros so I thought I would post it because someone might just have a car which was built with the dispensers for this stuff.

Mike N, Does any of this sound familiar?

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This kid has already seen the BS.

Rest in Peace Sinead

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I hope she found more peace in the afterlife then she did while here. Her first two albums were phenomenal IMO. I didn't always agree with her views but I definitely respected she went her own route world be damned.

One of my favorites:

4 Pass A/C condenser? Not a Camaro

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I've got a S10 Blazer with the 5.3 swap done. It runs dead on 210 regardless of outside temp or how hard I'm on it. I'm having less then spectacular performance from the a/c at idle, stop and go etc, but works well when moving for longer then just the next stop light. If we are under 110 outside it's pretty good all the time, but better when moving. I have some improvements to make as far as air flow focus but I bought a cheap universal condenser when I was putting it all together. I'm going to go back into it once it's under 117 outside, but while I'm tweaking the airflow I'm going to replace the condenser with a 4 pass piece. I'm out of room for anything larger then I have now so I figure giving is a couple more trips across the air flow will help.

Anyone have any of that HVAC guru advice for me? The limited info I have found on Google talks about 4 pass heat exchangers using water and the only caution they give is possible lower pressure which I don't think will be an issues...

Aircraft guys - wanna see something cool

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One of our partner companies at work is a dealer for TowFlexx... I gotta say I'm impressed. Electric, remote control, zero turning radius, and can drag a loaded C130 a full mile
Little one

Big One

The Huge one

Spotted a squatter in my garden this morning

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I was just about to put the sprinkler on my garden this morning when I noticed I was being watched.


Bad News... Good News... Bad News

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I put my battery trickle charger on my Camaro a couple of days ago so it would be ready to go for this weekend.

Bad news... Nothing but a click, click, click, click from the solenoid this morning. :(

The 3 year battery is only 3-1/2 years old so I wasn't too surprised it had died but I had noticed that the battery always drained down if it was left sitting for more than a week.
A quartz clock should run for a LONG time without draining the battery and that should be the only draw occurring.

Good news... I got a new, 72 month 800 cold cranking amp battery for only $130. (Fleet Farm) :D

The Camaro cranked to life very quickly with the new battery so I decided it was time to do some trouble shooting.

The Volt gauge ALWAYS sat at 14V when the car was running and the battery never seemed to get a full charge.
(It should drop down after running a bit, shouldn't it?)

It made me suspect that the alternator might be the cause.

I conducted a "ripple test" with...

Cool idea for a sub woofer

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I needed a sub for my Blazer and reluctantly tried one of these.


I am impressed, way more boom available then I'll ever need/want. Might be an idea if you want the sub but you're low on room or just don't want the box in the way.

Northern Lights

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Did anyone happen to see the Aurora Borealis last night?

They were visible all the way to parts of Texas!

I went out and looked but I live just south of a major metro area and couldn’t even see them due to all of the city light pollution.

Forecast for tonight is also good… Especially in Canada.

Those to know how to read marine charts - question

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My family and I are thinking about going whale watching down in Monterey Bay tomorrow. We've had some pretty nasty storms of late, but they seem to have passed for the most part
We are not used to being on boats in general and I worry about sea sickness etc. Not really worried about safety, the whale watching boats are big and go out all of the time.
I know there are very detailed charts on ocean conditions, but I have no idea how to interpret them.

Can anyone more knowledable about sailing tell me if Sunday would be a good day to be on the water in Monterey, CA?

Here's the info I've found - but again I don't really know what I'm looking for

Local Sale Factory GM 3:42 gears

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I have a set of GM factory 3:42 gears for the 8.5/8.6 for sale. I have about 300 miles on them before I switched to a 3:73. Nothing wrong, I just needed a little deeper gear. I'd like to get $130 for them. Put it it here for a local sale, shipping costs are just silly anymore.

EDIT, I'm a dumbass and originally posted this in the Cali section, they are located in the Phoenix area.

Where do you figure Kirk Cousins is?

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Sitting on the couch?


Any Current GM tech on here?

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I haven't been able to get on the tis2web site to update the diagnostic laptop Since Friday. Are you guys having the same issue? I need to program an ECM and the license has to be updated but without the site I can't do it :(

VD: 5 day warning

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It's next Tuesday. Be warned! Lol


Merry Christmas to all my Nasty friends

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Your Christmas plans may have been impacted by the weather but let's not forget the true meaning.

May you and your families find peace in your hearts today.

Merry Christmas!

And so... Winter begins.

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The Solstice was yesterday and days will be getting longer but I can't wait for Spring!

It was -12 degrees this morning (15 MPH wind made it feel MUCH worse) and I had to go clear the driveway this evening for the fourth time in a week.
Shoveling the deck is going to wait for a little warmer weather.

It's going to be a white Christmas for sure! (This stuff isn't going anywhere for a while.)

Folks in the Midwest and out East... Stay warm and safe this Christmas weekend.

This is some serious cold!