Bad News... Good News... Bad News

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I put my battery trickle charger on my Camaro a couple of days ago so it would be ready to go for this weekend.

Bad news... Nothing but a click, click, click, click from the solenoid this morning. :(

The 3 year battery is only 3-1/2 years old so I wasn't too surprised it had died but I had noticed that the battery always drained down if it was left sitting for more than a week.
A quartz clock should run for a LONG time without draining the battery and that should be the only draw occurring.

Good news... I got a new, 72 month 800 cold cranking amp battery for only $130. (Fleet Farm) :D

The Camaro cranked to life very quickly with the new battery so I decided it was time to do some trouble shooting.

The Volt gauge ALWAYS sat at 14V when the car was running and the battery never seemed to get a full charge.
(It should drop down after running a bit, shouldn't it?)

It made me suspect that the alternator might be the cause.

I conducted a "ripple test" with...

Cool idea for a sub woofer

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I needed a sub for my Blazer and reluctantly tried one of these.


I am impressed, way more boom available then I'll ever need/want. Might be an idea if you want the sub but you're low on room or just don't want the box in the way.

Northern Lights

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Did anyone happen to see the Aurora Borealis last night?

They were visible all the way to parts of Texas!

I went out and looked but I live just south of a major metro area and couldn’t even see them due to all of the city light pollution.

Forecast for tonight is also good… Especially in Canada.

Those to know how to read marine charts - question

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My family and I are thinking about going whale watching down in Monterey Bay tomorrow. We've had some pretty nasty storms of late, but they seem to have passed for the most part
We are not used to being on boats in general and I worry about sea sickness etc. Not really worried about safety, the whale watching boats are big and go out all of the time.
I know there are very detailed charts on ocean conditions, but I have no idea how to interpret them.

Can anyone more knowledable about sailing tell me if Sunday would be a good day to be on the water in Monterey, CA?

Here's the info I've found - but again I don't really know what I'm looking for

Local Sale Factory GM 3:42 gears

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I have a set of GM factory 3:42 gears for the 8.5/8.6 for sale. I have about 300 miles on them before I switched to a 3:73. Nothing wrong, I just needed a little deeper gear. I'd like to get $130 for them. Put it it here for a local sale, shipping costs are just silly anymore.

EDIT, I'm a dumbass and originally posted this in the Cali section, they are located in the Phoenix area.

Where do you figure Kirk Cousins is?

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Sitting on the couch?


Any Current GM tech on here?

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I haven't been able to get on the tis2web site to update the diagnostic laptop Since Friday. Are you guys having the same issue? I need to program an ECM and the license has to be updated but without the site I can't do it :(

VD: 5 day warning

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It's next Tuesday. Be warned! Lol


Merry Christmas to all my Nasty friends

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Your Christmas plans may have been impacted by the weather but let's not forget the true meaning.

May you and your families find peace in your hearts today.

Merry Christmas!

And so... Winter begins.

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The Solstice was yesterday and days will be getting longer but I can't wait for Spring!

It was -12 degrees this morning (15 MPH wind made it feel MUCH worse) and I had to go clear the driveway this evening for the fourth time in a week.
Shoveling the deck is going to wait for a little warmer weather.

It's going to be a white Christmas for sure! (This stuff isn't going anywhere for a while.)

Folks in the Midwest and out East... Stay warm and safe this Christmas weekend.

This is some serious cold!


2023 Club Calendars

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2023 Club Calendars are available for Pre-Sale now on Per Diem Printing's website. Calendars are currently in production and will ship in a few weeks when available.
Limited quantity, only 300 calendars are being produced. Gold members receive a special discount, now's the time to upgrade your membership. Link in the Gold Member forum!

Factory race cars

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This must be Chevy's latest entry into the factory race car division. It is very reminiscent of the 1969 L88 Corvette. To get the L88 engine you had to give up the radio and heater. That should discourage you from driving it on the street.

The 51 year search has ended!

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During a hunt at a Christmas tree farm in western Wisconsin…

I found D.B. Cooper! :cool:

I had never been to a “kill-your-own” Christmas tree farm but it was actually kind of fun.

Yes… They name all of the trees which are for sale.

THOUSANDS of them!

The tree was the right size and I couldn’t resist getting a tree named after the guy whom the FBI could never find.

Do any of you cut your own trees?

I think I found it

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What do you think, could this be a problem


NICE Save - but what happened here

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Maybe the most valiant save I've seen at a dragstrip...
But what happened to kick out the back end of the MR2? I don't believe it could have had the power to kick out the back at those speeds. Maybe something broke in the rear suspension - but if that was the case I don't think he could have gotten the car back

Skip to 31:53 if this doesn't automatically track

Need some paint advice, not Camaro.

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I have a S10 Blazer I'm putting a 5.3 in to make it a fun daily driver. The bumper was messed up so I got a replacement and decided to give painting it a shot with some of the automotive aerosols out there. I did some work on my Nova years back and they turned out OK. I'm not driving shop pieces by any stretch.

While color sanding it I got too aggressive and sanded through the clear, the base and my primer all the way to the black primer that was on the bumper from the manufacture. I tried to post a picture but it won't let me.

I'm not looking for perfect but this obviously isn't what I wanted. What do I do now? Can I sand back with 600 again, seal and re-shoot everything?

I don't think I had enough base on it to begin with. I only bought one can and because I used the white primer I had a hard time seeing the coverage. The spray nozzle was poo for the first coat but I swapped it for the primer nozzle and the next two coats came out OK. I was chasing an flat even finish when I...

Paint shop jail! Should I bail?

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OK, I need some advice. I dropped off my 71 at the paint shop on July 5th of this year. The shop owner and I agreed (on paper) that he would finish final bodywork and paint the car within 60 days. I gave a down payment of $1500 to get things rolling. The remaining $3500 would be due after the job is finished.
Very little has been done to my car. The whole car has been sanded and that's about it. It has been over 90 days and all I get is excuses. It looks like he is having trouble keeping employees and maybe even keeping the doors open. My car is covered in body shop dust inside and out. My interior is brand new and now covered in thick dust. The engine is also covered in dust. They pulled the rear windshield off for paint and did not bother to cover it. Only one employee remains and is doing all the shop work.
My worry is that his shop is going under and that I will show up one day to find the place permanently locked and closed and my car will be trapped in red tape and court...

GM OBD Readiness monitors - Damn you GM

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I've been trying to get a smog check on my 2002 Corvette for the last week. The weekend before the smog I (stupidly) disconnected the battery to replace a headlight motor forgetting that it would reset the ECM. Failed smog due to non readiness... my fault.

For the last 8 days I've been trying to get the god-dammed O2 heater to go ready. Done the drive cycle/warm up cycle (cold start, 2 min idle with AC/Defrost on - 55MPH drive for 3 min etc... )every day. Everything else is good. Even the EVAP which is supposed to be the tough one clicked over yesterday. No MIL's But HTR icon sits there flashing on my scanner.

I'm just venting - I'm sure like many others I'll drive the car for a few more days and for some mysterious reason the O2 heater will go ready for no apparent reason. Seems to be how it goes with Early 2000's GM's.

I guess I got spoiled by other cars where you just drove them for 50-ish miles and everything went ready with no drama.


Experience of an older gentleman- new garage door.

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When I had my driveway replaced a month ago, there was a little “accident”.

My garage door got bumped and two of the panels were damaged.

I happened to get the name of a guy with years of garage door experience from a landscaper a couple of weeks earlier.

I called him, got an estimate and agreed to have him replace the 25 year old door.

He didn’t want any help as he has his own methods of doing this job.

He unloaded the new door, disassembled the old door, tracks/spring system and loaded them into his truck.
He then installed the new tracks and door, made final adjustments and had the entire job finished in UNDER THREE HOURS!

Mind you… This is a 68 year old guy working completely by himself!

I’m working from home so I didn’t get to see much of his procedure but I checked on his progress every half hour or so.
I was dumbfounded as to how any one guy could get so much done in those brief periods of time.

I am completely overwhelmed with this guy’s manners and...

Butternut the Gumball Camaro

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I joined this site in May 2008. I didn't own a Camaro then and had no prospects. I did own a ratty nothing 1972 Camaro that didn't run, for a minute, in 1988. I had traded a decent running 1972 F100 for it. But I remember the day in August 1976 my 14 year-old brother came home from the movies talking about this movie he saw about a race from New York to California, and all the cool cars that were in it. I was 12 at the time and I've always been more of a car guy than him, but not by a whole lot, and I asked a ton of questions. It wasn't until over a year later that we got cable and I saw it for myself on the then brand new HBO. Of course I was freaked out by the Daytona Spyder and 1966 Cobra, but the yellow Z28 blew my mind and has haunted me ever since. Hence my short flirtation with that '72 Camaro, but I was in no way in a position to do anything about my dream 33+ years ago.

My '72 Camaro.1.jpg
[ATTACH type="full"...