What happened to the Nasty Site?

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Login prompt changed along with the right side of the screen being filled with Latest posts. Why change something that was working perfectly? Or was the site hacked? It’s terrible IMO. I thought I was hacked.

Had to log back in?Dark Mode?

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How do I get back to Dark Mode?
I had to log back in and it changed.

move thread to another forum

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I started a thread under body restoration.. i'm thinking it would have been better under projects forum.. Is there anyway to move the thread over?

NastyZ28 Software Upgrade

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Hey everyone! Just heads up that the NastyZ28 forum software will be upgraded with new features and other enhancements starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 PM EST. During the upgrade, the forum may experience some downtime (we estimate around 45 minutes).

We will keep you posted in this thread on any changes or issues with the upcoming upgrade.

New Member?

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I’ve had a profile since 2016. How long til I’m not considered a new member lol.

2022 NastyZ28 Calendar - offically on sale!

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I just heard I'll be getting the 2022 calendars from the printer in the next couple of days, so here's the official order page.

Calenders 2022

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Are the 2022 calenders available

Problems with this site.

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I don't know if anyone else is having problems here but I sure am. This site to move from one thing/page/place too another is Very Very Slow (like 30 sec. to a minute) with sometimes getting Blank Screens and even when Refreshing the page still gets Blank Screens. I know my Computer is a little old but ANY OTHER Forum I have no problem or jet lag LOL. A little help please.

can't log onto bs section

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for the last few weeks I get a message bad link or something when I try to get into the BS section. I tried logging out and back in, no luck. if I go to incognito tab I can go into the bs section and log in. any idea what gives? this is on my phone using Chrome. jim

Posting an image in a conversation

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How do I do it ?
On regular posts there is an option to add an image but in conversations that option is not there .
There is a camera icon but when I hit that it says " you have no media "
I added one photo to media and posted it in the conversation but then when I went to post another photo I was unable to add more media. Lost lol

Blocked from certain forums

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Has anyone else gotten this message, it started when I would try to go to BS Topics, now Progress Threads. I get the below message when using my phone.

Members detail?

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Would it be possible to have members mandatory disclose their location, seems like a lot of the older members show their location, and with the newer members it seems to be non- existent.

Having to constantly re-log in

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It appears something on the site has changed. I log in before doing anything else when coming to the site, and EVERY time I want to reply to a post or send a PM the site makes me log back in again. I am doing nothing different on my end, nothing here has changed. Why does this keep happening???

I am using Firefox 92.0.1 on a laptop.


2022 Calendar Submissions

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Submissions Open

completely read this post before submitting photos. again invites it's members to submit photos for use in the next Club Calendar. Club calendars are sold to help support and ease the cost of running the web site and message board. Calendars typically go on sale and are delivered before Christmas so they may be given as gifts. Calendars are of the highest quality, full color, printed on a heavy weight paper.

This year will be a little different. I have not had spare time and am asking that submissions be emailed (see below). I'm also forgoing the voting for the sake of production time. I'm trying very hard to make this happen this year even with the constraints on my time.

  • Any registered member of the site may submit a photo of their Camaro.
  • Your Camaro need not be perfect, many members have mentioned they would like to see more...

how do I upload a pdf ( a GM parts list for L31, L05 etc motors) ???

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when I try to, I get error message saying that extension Not allowed ... it's a pdf file published by GM.

This has ALL the part numbers of ALL the internals for GM 5.7L motors such as L31 & L05

Is it Possible to have a WTB section on this form?

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A lot of members list WTB in the Swap meet section. Is it possible to separate the two? Also is it possible to clean up the swap meet section as far as when items are sold? After a certain time period can they be deleted? If the parts have not been sold, the member can just repost to make it current. We have parts that are still for sale from 2011. Which can be confusing if someone brings up an old topic.

? How's Your Speed/Responsiveness 7/2 /2021 here at NastyZ28 ?

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Today is 7/22/2021
For the past 2 to 3 weeks, no matter if just browsing or when posting, my experience here at NastyZ28 forums has been quite poor; because both site Speed & Responsiveness are Lousy. I have NO performance issues at any other site.

Same lousy performance at NastyZ28 no matter which computer or internet provider. I'm on several other car/racing forums and routinely visit dozens of others of a wide variety; NO issues anywhere except NastyZ28 forums.

I'm left wondering; maybe it's just me or a "Nasty" demon with an axe to grind.

I have recently reported this failure to NastyZ28 Administration and was told they would look into it.


Why is this site not working right on my Mac?

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So I will try to get in the forums, nothing happens. Then it defaults to the home screen. It literally takes minutes for just any task to load. It also does this on my cell.. Everything else on my end works. No issues with any sites. Just this one.

Do I have some sort of setting wrong messing with the site?

Number plate surround

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Any ideas on where I could find another number plate surround from Clippinger in Covina as that is where my car was sold from.

Anyone know how to change title in an existing thread?

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I published a thread with a bunch of content and the description contains and error so would like to edit title rather then delete and start over. Can’t find that option under the edit feature. Any suggestions?

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