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We’ve all been there…

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I don’t own a torch so I’ve needed to get more creative, on occasion.

A dremel and sawzall have been my “go to” tools, several times.


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It's no secret that prices are going up fast. I'd like to know how you guys feel it is affecting you. Food and fuel seem to be the two biggest things that affect us every day. For me, the increase in food prices hits me the hardest. I can cut back on driving and that cuts back on gas costs, but cutting back on food isn't as easy. Yes, energy prices for heating and electricity are up too, and again that is difficult to cut back on. I did some serious energy saving changes to my house 20 years ago, so that helps, but I can't do much more.

Any of us "old" folks saw this same thing 40 years ago and we managed to get through it so I don't see any problem getting through it again this round. The economy has its ups and downs, and if you are lucky enough to live long enough, you get to see it multiple times.

So, I just try to cut out the unnecessary things and buy my food wisely. I won't starve to death, but I might complain about prices. As long as I have meat, potatoes, and ice cream...

Dude... Where's my KIA?

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If anyone on the board owns a Kia or Hyundai... Beware of the "Kia Boys"!

Car thefts have gotten totally out of hand in the upper Midwest because these punks have figured out how easy it is to steal these cars.

Pop window, break column and turn a switch.
It takes mere seconds to steal these cars.

An elderly couple's car was hit by one of these stolen cars and the woman was killed couple of days ago.

They are almost always juveniles and they are being released to the "custody" of their parents, in my county.
They are back out on the street the next day, stealing more cars... Just for kicks. :mad:

70-73 Right hand taillight SPF!!

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Up for sale is a 70-73 right hand side taillight for standard Camaros (non-RS; no chrome ring). This has the pillow style reverse light. $25 plus the ride. SPF!!



Spin Launch

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No... It's not how some of us leave the line at the strip. 🤪

It's a small-satellite launch system currently undergoing testing.

I can't understand how this thing wouldn't tear itself apart once the "projectile" is released.

Wouldn't it be easier to launch/release TWO at the same time?
(One up and one down. :confused:)

Interesting idea.
So much simpler than a 100% fuel propelled launch from the ground.

History repeats

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25 years ago, Bismarck got a big snowstorm in April that left us with 17" of snow along with high winds. After the storm the local parking lot of the shopping center looked like this.

Today, we are getting a similar one expected to last two days. The current forecast is for 12-24" of snow this time with 50 mph winds to pile it up. The parking lots might look like this again soon.

Heads up

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If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, be aware that both of them have a serious security flaw. Make sure you upgrade to the new "fixed" version to safeguard your system.
Google had a flaw in Chrome, and since Microsoft built Edge from Chrome, they inherited the same flaw.

RIP Taylor Hawkins

Swap meet etiquette

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It should go without saying but I gotta say it. If the swap meet ad does not concern you (buying or selling the parts) stay out of it. Good deal, bad deal anything short of fraud and you are not interested in buying the parts we don't need to hear your opinion. If you would like to discuss a specific part, modification etc, please start thread in the corresponding section.

It's not just the polite way to act, it's the rules here. :)

Nice feature on my Buddy's C4

Anyone looking for a NICE C6 Z06

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This car belongs to my buddy Cliff. It is as nice as you will ever find a C6 Z06
He bought it new, it only has about 50,000 miles on it, he has done the heads.

I know a couple guys on here had talked about wanting to buy one. Please do so I stop being tempted

What happened to the Nasty Site?

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Login prompt changed along with the right side of the screen being filled with Latest posts. Why change something that was working perfectly? Or was the site hacked? It’s terrible IMO. I thought I was hacked.

Had to log back in?Dark Mode?

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How do I get back to Dark Mode?
I had to log back in and it changed.

move thread to another forum

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I started a thread under body restoration.. i'm thinking it would have been better under projects forum.. Is there anyway to move the thread over?

NastyZ28 Software Upgrade

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Hey everyone! Just heads up that the NastyZ28 forum software will be upgraded with new features and other enhancements starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 PM EST. During the upgrade, the forum may experience some downtime (we estimate around 45 minutes).

We will keep you posted in this thread on any changes or issues with the upcoming upgrade.

New Member?

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I’ve had a profile since 2016. How long til I’m not considered a new member lol.

2022 NastyZ28 Calendar - offically on sale!

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I just heard I'll be getting the 2022 calendars from the printer in the next couple of days, so here's the official order page.


Calenders 2022

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Are the 2022 calenders available

Problems with this site.

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I don't know if anyone else is having problems here but I sure am. This site to move from one thing/page/place too another is Very Very Slow (like 30 sec. to a minute) with sometimes getting Blank Screens and even when Refreshing the page still gets Blank Screens. I know my Computer is a little old but ANY OTHER Forum I have no problem or jet lag LOL. A little help please.

can't log onto bs section

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for the last few weeks I get a message bad link or something when I try to get into the BS section. I tried logging out and back in, no luck. if I go to incognito tab I can go into the bs section and log in. any idea what gives? this is on my phone using Chrome. jim