PM scammer

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Pretty obvious a scam, but posting anyways just in case someone falls for it.


Possible pm scam

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I posted a wtb thread for a tilt column. Today I got a pm with a guys name to contact in Texas. We struck a deal but the payment method started getting fishy. So I went to recheck the pm to ask the member if the guy was legit, and the pm is now gone. Is this a common scam?

Uploaded file is too large

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whats this??

getting error

The Uploaded File is too large for the server to process.

2021 NastyZ28.Com Calendar for Sale

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The 2021 Calendar has been available for a while and is selling well.
I sent mail out a couple weeks ago but for anyone who missed it, the calendars are available for order here:

Facebook connection

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I notice that when I click on a thread and look at the bottom left of the screen one of the addresses that flash by is Facebook, seems odd that there would be any connection with that company. Nothing on my computer is connected to Facebook. Anyone else see this?

Gas tank recomendations

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I would like to replace the gas tank in my 77 Z28. I run a mechanical fuel pump and will stay with that. What are some of the tanks out there that are recommended.

Been here for 15 years, first post on repaint 73 Z28

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Firstly, I appreciate the support on this forum. I have a 73 Z28 4sp and with Covid now looking to finally do a repaint. I have already resorted, interior and engine- yes doing it all backwards. so not looking for a rotisserie, but remove any body panels.

Just not sure where to go. I was thinking of taking the hood, fender, doors and trunk and have them media blasted, then chemical strip or sand the quarter panels and roof. Definitely embarking on a new crossroad here. appreciate the advise, thanks

How do you delete a PM (conversation)?

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I see no delete option.

Home Depot ads obscuring forum

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I'm a newbie here (< 30 days) and I do enjoy it.
Until in recent days I'm seeing a LOT of Home Depot ads which obscure the forums I'm attempting read/answer. And I cannot find an "X" spot to click on that makes the ads disappear.

Are others experiencing same? What am I missing? What should I do; or am I simply SOL?

New Member

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Hello Everybody, I just wanted to introduce myself and my car. It was a project my father and I originally built over 20 years ago. Obviously since then it’s been under the knife many times. Living up in Canada, we have to put our cars away for the winter. So this is my way of showing off the car I’m very proud of while she sleeps under a tarp.

1981 Camaro Z28
BuiltProofed Super T-10
468 c.i.
Lots of modifications.

The older pictures of it in white paint were what we started with years ago.


Strange Inbox Message

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There is a message in my message box from an "apcayternljus" . Anyone else get one? Can the moderators please check into this and block them if they are a hacker? Thank You.

What is this crap I got today on PM here today??

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Anybody here this crap??
Man what the heck is going on on this site !!

The porn private messages are back

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Just got this one this morning

Heads Up - Rash of New Members Looks Suspicious

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Screen shot of the member activity all are new for today and are viewing member profiles.

2020-10-21 04_30_22-Recent Activity _
2020-10-21 04_31_02-Recent Activity _

Blown 79 Camaro

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New member here looking for a passenger side fiber glass door

Site help

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Saw a page on this site that listed websites that sold parts.. I can't get back to it...can someone tell me where it stays in the menus ???

Picture attachment orientation

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So in the last month or so, I've attached probably 20 pictures or so. About 8 of them I have had to flip, in order for the Nasty site to view them properly. It doesn't matter if they are Portrait or Landscape type pictures. It seems to be random. The are correct on my computer, but upload at 90 degrees. Is this just me? I'm on a PC using firefox.

Possible project car

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Okay. Hey there so a little bit of what's happening. I moved to the town I'm in 14 years ago and on my first drive around I saw these sitting in a compound with a bunch of other vehicles and it peaked my interest. I've always wanted an 80 camaro. For a long time just so happens to be the year I was born too lol. I tried several times over the years to talk to people and find out the owner of the place to no avail. And I kind forgot about them sort of. Anyways my son eventually had a really good friend and he knew the owner and I finally got the name and messaged him. Success. Now the cars are in definite rough shape the white one is the one I'm thinking of restoring. The yellow one is gonna be a parts car. I can get both for a decent price(I think). Neither has an engine. The yellow used to be 4 speed but no drivetrain left. The white one has a auto trans. The white one isnt a z28 I dont think. No badging to suggest so. I cant get better pics yet because of the chain link...

Why don't I get email alert for thread responses?

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Like the title says....why?
Went to settings, everything seems fine.
Not going to junk or spam.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

F.txt download

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Any idea why my phone downloads a file called f.txt everytime I log in to nastyz28? I haven't opened it, and delete it from the file manager immediately but it keeps popping up, as soon as I refresh the forum?

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