Anyone know how to change title in an existing thread?

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I published a thread with a bunch of content and the description contains and error so would like to edit title rather then delete and start over. Can’t find that option under the edit feature. Any suggestions?

New member with a newly aquired 72 SS

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Hello all. Had this SS 350 for just over a month and I'm trying to find out if the rubber on the side trim is correct. I just googled and discovered that the bumper may be a VF3 deluxe and not just some rubber that someone has attached as an after though lol

Forum topics no longer display data on the right right

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Nothing displays. Use to show the last poster, when and total posts

Search functions

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Didn't we used to have a Search all threads started by "username" function?

3-D printing area here?

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With the explosion of folks that have 3-D printers I'd like suggest an area where we can drop parts files we've made for our cars.

I've just finished prototyping the 74-76 bumper end caps.

If we can have a spot, I'd be happy to drop it with pics of the part and details about it and the printer that made it.

What’s a good firebird/trans am forum

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What is a good forum for those cars that’s like this site. Thanks Ricky

how about a button for Dislike (thumbs down) ?

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in addition to our "Like" (thumbs up) button ... how about the inverse: a "Dislike" (thumbs down) button ?

Email to [email protected]

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Sent an email to madmike and delivery came back "Delivery Incomplete". Is he still available? I checked email and I got his email correct. Help please, Thank You, Merv

New NC Member, and rough project

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Hello folks. Thanks for the addition to the forum and page.

Recently purchased a 77 Camaro Coupe here locally for 1500 and hope to get some assistance and provide some where I can to others.


No idea how long the P.O. had her. Claims he got it from Original owners daughter, so if true makes me the third owner. (without proof). He said it ran back in October with a fuel bottle hooked up to bypass the tank. I believed him until I got it home.

Looks rough, heater/ac houses were messed up (routed wrong/cut). Rusted out driver/pass pans, left lower lip of rear window, inside upper drivers door jamb, trunk, and maybe Rear pans, havent pulled anything out yet. It's all there thankfully. So its one big project. She had power with battery to some lights, dash, radio, so its a start. No horn, no start, turn the key and lights dim and go out, but nothing from. (starter might be stuck) but as I said, will slowly be bringing her back to her better days, and I appreciate the fresh...

New member 2 2nd gen camaros

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Hello guys I'll be here often. I'd like to show off my catch of a lifetime. My uncle, God rest his soul, died last year and I bought his 70 z/28 from his estate. The car is absolutely marvelous. Other than he getting a bug to "update it" in 1980 by changing rims, radio and rear speakers, the car is absolutely original with 65k miles. It even has TWO BUILD SHEETS one my uncle had from the glove box and we found one stuck to the top of the gas tank while we were replacing the fuel sending unit. Uncle owned it since 1 year old, for the past 50 years. I'm the 3rd owner now. Yes I've purchased rims and tires.

My "restomod" is a 71 that is a nothing special 350 car in brown (something wood color), but I'm modding it to either a 396SS or more hopefully to an LS6 454 SS to "show what might have been" had Chevy ever actually build one (the engine and trans linkage is listed on this site). I have a 396 from a 69 chevelle in hand so the decision may have been made but lets see. The car is 1...

wanted 1970 Muncie 4 speed with shifter.

PM scammer

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Pretty obvious a scam, but posting anyways just in case someone falls for it.


Possible pm scam

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I posted a wtb thread for a tilt column. Today I got a pm with a guys name to contact in Texas. We struck a deal but the payment method started getting fishy. So I went to recheck the pm to ask the member if the guy was legit, and the pm is now gone. Is this a common scam?

Uploaded file is too large

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whats this??

getting error

The Uploaded File is too large for the server to process.

2021 NastyZ28.Com Calendar for Sale

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The 2021 Calendar has been available for a while and is selling well.
I sent mail out a couple weeks ago but for anyone who missed it, the calendars are available for order here:

Facebook connection

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I notice that when I click on a thread and look at the bottom left of the screen one of the addresses that flash by is Facebook, seems odd that there would be any connection with that company. Nothing on my computer is connected to Facebook. Anyone else see this?

Gas tank recomendations

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I would like to replace the gas tank in my 77 Z28. I run a mechanical fuel pump and will stay with that. What are some of the tanks out there that are recommended.

Been here for 15 years, first post on repaint 73 Z28

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Firstly, I appreciate the support on this forum. I have a 73 Z28 4sp and with Covid now looking to finally do a repaint. I have already resorted, interior and engine- yes doing it all backwards. so not looking for a rotisserie, but remove any body panels.

Just not sure where to go. I was thinking of taking the hood, fender, doors and trunk and have them media blasted, then chemical strip or sand the quarter panels and roof. Definitely embarking on a new crossroad here. appreciate the advise, thanks

How do you delete a PM (conversation)?

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I see no delete option.

Home Depot ads obscuring forum

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I'm a newbie here (< 30 days) and I do enjoy it.
Until in recent days I'm seeing a LOT of Home Depot ads which obscure the forums I'm attempting read/answer. And I cannot find an "X" spot to click on that makes the ads disappear.

Are others experiencing same? What am I missing? What should I do; or am I simply SOL?

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