Black Panther Camaro

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Several months ago I was asking about a Black Panther Camaro. I have an article and photo in its regards. I sent both to the administers of this site to post. I hope to see it on here soon!

Scca solo II camaro

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I'd like to find a manufacturer that makes 16 X 10 steel wheel that will fit a 2nd gen camaro or what is the biggest wheel/tire combo that will fit a stock body camaro-Thanks

testing my site

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just put a few pics on my site
take a loke to see if it works


Has anyone seen this?

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man this site rocks!!!!!!
i found the link while looking for pics of an 81 camaro on goggle.

Lammy --
1981 heap. . . er ah I mean coupe project car.
I think it can, I think it can. . .
Bristol, Connecticut
Yahoo & AOL = lamsland

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location location location

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Are any of you people anywhere near Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada? I've got an 80 Camaro for a parts car and an 81 for a Frankenstien. I have huge ideas in my head and want to share them with someone who'd be able to share soem insight.

First off I'm taking out the power stearing and replacing it with Rack and Pinion. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks for your time,

Brian O. Boudreau
'81 Frankenstien

Where could i sell this?

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where would i be able to sell my fly-wheel? no one in the Swap meet section wants it any ideas?

Photo Album is back up

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I have completed the updates and made some changes, please take the time to look through and make sure all your info is correct and working, if you have or had a photo you no longer see please reply to the same suject in the BS section.

Online ordering - club goodies

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Check this out, the new t-shirt page:

Has links to the t-shirts, hats & polo shirts. I tried to create an understandable and simplified ordering system. Check it out and let me know if it's understandable and/or if you think it's better than the old way of doing things.

I'm still polishing up the ordering system.

Dig the new logo!

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Quite simply, I really like the job you (or someone else did) on the T-shirt logo.

BTW, did you get everyone's written consent to use thier likenesses in your advertisement photos?

Just kidding man!

Keep up the good work!

Madmike! Moementum question!

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I was told to contact James, from moementum, by phone. Do you have his phone number?
It's very important that I talk to him in person.


Administrators and moderators

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I notice we have several of each. What is each titles responsibilities and duties? Do administrators have more to do with what direction the site takes and moderators pretty much just weed out the improper/misplaced topics? Just curious.

Embroidered logo poloshirts - detail

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Here's a detailed photo of a beige/cream/tan polo shirt with the embroidered logo.


Embroidered Polo shirts

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The embroidered polo shirts are available now.

They'll cost $27 delivered for sizes S - XL.
They'll be sold individually in addition to being packaged in with an "enhanced membership" kit.
They're available in 4 colors.
(beige, white, black, dark ash). By default, the car is blue.

If you're interested, email me.
I'll create some sort of order form to simplify the complexity of the shirts. (I can get other colors of shirts and change the color of the car - by request)


Hats Available

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Our hats are available.
This is the default style. Black, with blue trim. Cost is $17 delivered.
A fancy canvas style hat is also available, for $19 delivered.

I'm going to sell the hats individually, or packaged in with an "enhanced membership" kit.

If you want a hat, email me and let me know.


Light bulbs go out

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I have had a new computer at the office for about 3 weeks now. Since that time I have had a problem with all of the light bulbs going off after I am about half way through the topics I check out every day. Also, the blue files next to each new subject go dark as well. Any ideas what is going on?


73LT (original owner)
L48 350 TH350
F41 suspension
Under restoration

cylinder wall thickness

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Hi ,
is somebody knows the cylinder wall thickness of a 350 block ?
Thanx !

Just Ordered my 1st T-Shirt

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Mike, just wanted to let ya know i just ordered a SGCOC t-shirt from you, and used paypal to send you the funds. Cant Wait!!


'80 camaro 350 bored 30 over, holly 650 double pumper, performer rpm intake, trickflow aluminum wedge, 60cc cylinder heads, comp valve springs, roller tip rockers, kieth black pistons & rods, 280-480 cam, hedman headers, 200-4r tranny, and 373 solid lock posi rear.

Mid-Atlantic Region topic

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I've had a couple requests for this lately, so I've started a mid-atlantic region topic for all you guys to congregate in. See the regional section.

I need seat belts. Anyone help please?

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Ok I seem to be posting all kinds of messages today.
I need to know of some place I can contact or someplace i can go to get shoulder harness and lap belts for front driver and pass. seats for a 1972 Camaro. I would prefer original look nothing universal if you know what i mean. Thanks

72 Baldwin Motion

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Hey guys! Ive got a 72 Camaro Ive had it for 8 months now. And I love it. My goal for the car is to eventually show the car locally. But the way I want to have the car isnt original. I want my own custom sound system in it. A crate engine and my own custom paint scheme. Im going to keep the baldwin stripes but the solor i want is like a drak saphire blue with pearl stripes and maybe 16 or 17" chrome rims. And I have a question do yall think that underbody neon white lights might look good with that? Im stil a long way from completion but thats my goal.

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