Mid-Atlantic Region topic

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I've had a couple requests for this lately, so I've started a mid-atlantic region topic for all you guys to congregate in. See the regional section.

I need seat belts. Anyone help please?

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Ok I seem to be posting all kinds of messages today.
I need to know of some place I can contact or someplace i can go to get shoulder harness and lap belts for front driver and pass. seats for a 1972 Camaro. I would prefer original look nothing universal if you know what i mean. Thanks

72 Baldwin Motion

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Hey guys! Ive got a 72 Camaro Ive had it for 8 months now. And I love it. My goal for the car is to eventually show the car locally. But the way I want to have the car isnt original. I want my own custom sound system in it. A crate engine and my own custom paint scheme. Im going to keep the baldwin stripes but the solor i want is like a drak saphire blue with pearl stripes and maybe 16 or 17" chrome rims. And I have a question do yall think that underbody neon white lights might look good with that? Im stil a long way from completion but thats my goal.

"new" driver 16 and an 81 z-28

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hey whats up im realtively new to the site and am wordering how many people in this group are from nh and want to chat? i have aol im @ [email protected] and email at [email protected]

an 81' camaro!!

Could you make email addresses visible to members only?

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Might prevent some problems.


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I sent you a couple e-mails the other day and was wondering if you had a chance to look them over. I know your busy and I'm not trying to be a pain...Thanks


1970 Z28 verification

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I just purchased a 1970 camaro shell for a project. I believe it is a Z28 and has all of the Z28 items, However there is no Z28 stamped on the cowl tag. Someone told me that some early 1970 Z28's did'nt all have Z28 stamped on the tag. the car is a march car, around # 9,000. Can anyone help me confirm this or share any info on this? Thank You for you time. Steve

Gauge Swap Out Document

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Hi Mike,,,,

I have a question for you. I have compiled information regarding the gauge swap out topic into a WordPerfect format, which includes pin swap instructions, detailed by other members, and a color picture of a completed wiring harness. Can this document be posted in the website so that other members could view it,,via a "link". I know this issue comes up constantly and this might be an easy way for members to just click on the link and up comes this document.

If so, I can e-mail it to you and you can take a look at it so see if it's worthwhile doing. I know your busy,,,I just thought I'd ask.

Allen Kunihiro

P.S. got the large "blue logo" t-shirt, thanks...

Moved topics/Forum purpose

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The site topic is for discussion of site related stuff.

Topics about smashing our cars on TV, traction and gears were moved to a more appropriate forum for discussion (BS, competition, suspension).

Please try and post your discussions in the applicable forums.

Polo Shirts - ETA

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Looks like another week on these. FYI.

Almost at 7k

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Just twelve more members to go (as I wrote this). That's pretty darn impressive.
Maybe someday the members will exceed Wayne's post count

MadMike: What went wrong?

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Mike, I just tried to post a reply twice in the New England section but my post doesn't appear. The number of replies goes up by one each time, but my post isn't there. What did I do wrong? Thanks, -Nick

Yet another new user

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Greets all. Just thought I'd say Hey from Canada.
I'm running a 1978 Camaro Rally Sport of course not stock :p Will try to post what I can or help in anyway. Stay cool..

new member just to say hi

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hello everybody im new here. I used to post over at team camaro then they told me about this second gen. site so hope to talk to fellow second gen owners bye


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you have e-mail coming subject matter SHIRTS and another from the same sender please read them.


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sorry for being so stupid...but what does "ttt" mean?

Are there any interior pics anywhere?

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I am attempting to skimp up a complete interior for a '70. Are there any pictures posted anywhere that would be a decent guide.
P.S. Thanks for a great site

Pics in Profile

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I see some members have a pic of their cars in their profile. How is that done?
Not a link to a URL that has the pic, but the pic itself. I am no computer whiz, so explain in english please!

70 Camaro Z/28 with BBC & auto, 3.31 12 bolt posi.

O.C. Md this weekend.....

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...who's going??? I think were heading up on Friday afternoon and only staying until Saturday afternoon.

[email protected] VIRUS

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Below you will find a site that describes this whole virus. This is not your run of the mill little puppy but a big mean dog. Our Camaro club was infected with it and it came from one source. Funny how it just sat in his computer not harming it at all but sent itself out over his ISP server. That was about 3 month ago and we all got new copy of anti-virus then cleaned all our computer. It took out 4 of our club members computer but So far so good. To date nothing else has happened.

Somehow this virus has gotten oversea and into systems that have little or no protection at all. My father received an e-mail from Viet Nam 3 weeks ago stating they had a virus in there system. Just last week as he was boot up his e-mail Norton warned him about a virus. It came from Viet Nam and haven't heard from them sense. All I can think of is it got into their server and crashed the whole thing...