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Any sites for decoding engines???

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Are there any sites for decoding engines, I need to decode a block. The # is -207- for anyone who might know off the top of their head.

Great site!

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Just want to say" What a great way to kill a few hours waiting for something to cool off or dry on the 72. Keep up the good work!

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Got my T-shirts today!

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Today I got my T-shirts in the mail. Anybody who hasn't ordered one yet should do so. To those who have ordered and haven't received their's yet, it's worth the wait. Thanks Mad Mike....the shirts came undamaged due to the "added packing". The design is great!

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I got my shirt on Saturday. Man it looks bad-ass!! Mike, you are the man. I wasn't expecting to get it so quickly. I got a lot of comments on it from my boys at Autozone on Sunday.

Ok. Well I just notices this same thing in the Bs Section.

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T-shirt Information

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Now is the time I must say:

Please allow 1 - 4 weeks delivery for your shirts (new orders after 4/12).

Also, it may take extra time (2 - 4 weeks) to have "odd" (S,XXXL) sizes done, or shirts with pockets done, or other custom requests ("please give me a purple shirt").

I'll sit on personal checks for 5 days prior to shipping an in stock shirt. As time goes by, I'll be able to stock a large assortment of shirts for immediate delivery.

I wasn't aware how popular XXL is. Basically I have to guess what people will want (I'm good at this anyway, I'm married remember) and have the shirts printed accordingly.

If I do everything right, I'll always have enough of whatever size(s) in stock.

Closer to the BIG 2500

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Just another 97 til we have a winner.

Good luck to you all that participated.

Just make sure you thank member # 2500

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Our rides page
mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A> OR mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A> - the business center

www.sdfb.org - San Diego F-bodies
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We're in Super Chevy.

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This place, along with Team Chevelle made the pages of Super Chevy. As "Die Hard" chevy sites.

I wasn't paying attention lately, but the past 2 months the site has been over 100,000 unique visitors/month (1.6M hits). It should go up again due to the press in SC magazine.

Also they said "while the owner of the site is a parts vendor..."... I saw this and went, "oh $hit". I'm going to redo my site to emphesize the 2nd Gen group and keep my parts as our "secret". I don't have the means to help everyone, so I guess I should either quit that, or pass it off somehow to someone who'd like to do something with it. That's a topic for another day.

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Im a recenly new member. I ve seen a couple of post on t-shirts .Im wondering how to get one my self

Making money off this site

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I've been on this board for quite a while now and I'm disappointed to see what used to be a source of help become an advertising center for people trying to make money off of the members. I've bought a three things from the members on the board and with one exception have felt that I got the part out of comraderie and common interest rather than interest in profit. That's the way it should be. I think parts exchanges, and "for cost" sales are what the swap meet section is for. We're here to help eachother out, not make money off of eachother. The hobby is expensive enough without having to deal with competing ebay bids and all of that nonsense. If you want to make money, that's your choice and I encourage you to do so, but I also think that if you are more intent on making money than helping out the members on this board, then you should be advertising somewhere else. I know that many may be offended by this and it might not make it past the moderator, but I can't sit back...

Time for T-Shirts (ordering info)

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Finally - Second Generation Camaro Owners Group will have kick a$$ t-shirts.

To Order:
Pay by Visa/MC - use http://www.paypal.com - pay [email protected]
under comments, include size needed and shipping address.

To pay by check/money order (please don't send me cash)
make payable to:
Mike Maciolek
411 Streamside Drive
Roswell Georgia 30076
Include size needed, and shipping address.

Fine print
I don't have a picture of what the shirt will look like yet, but it should be "pretty nice".
At least 6 colors, printed on a light shirt (white or ash/grey). 2 sided design. 4 cars on the front, and a logo on the back.
Cars on front are a 1970, 1975 & 1980 (roughly) over a ghosted 1970 Rally Sport background.

If you want to buy 10 or more shirts at once (for clubs or events) - $13/each.

Delivery ETA is 4 to 6 weeks.
Cost per shirt is $17/each. US delivery.
(canadian orders are $20 payable in US funds)
International orders...

Stegmillers is back!!!

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MadMike and I are still hacking out the details, but the site is back with
the exception of the Picture Gallery which I don't have ready to hand off,
yet. The new home is www.nastyz28.com/2gcog/stegmiller/

Here is the thread on the 2GCOG Message Board: http://www.nastyz28.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001867-2.html


Wes www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/1980/ www.nastyz28.com/2gcog/stegmiller/

compliments on a nice site/board

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I have to admit that we have 2 Z28's. My 81 and my son's 83 so we've been using this site and one for the 3rd gen f bodies. I've really enjoyed reading/writing (this is better than super chevy or chevy hi po mags) and the interaction between members has been great. The 3rd gen. site has some good info, but way too much name calling, inappropriate language, etc. Thanks for keeping this site a few notches above the others.


Site Etiquette

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We have recently had a problem with a member that became open hostility. Behind the scenes, the Administrators and Moderators were receiving threats and nasty E-mails from the individual. It came to a head yesterday and his Account was deleted. That does not prevent him from returning with a new ID and we'll have to deal with that as it occurs.

The fact is, we learned something from this and that may be the only good thing that occurred. We should not have let it go on as long as it did. We have received way too many notes and open posts about how good this site is to let one member screw it up and make the general membership uncomfortable. So here's how I'll deal with this in the future as a Membership Editor:

The first time someone causes a problem as determined by the Administrators/Moderators they will get an E-mail to advise them they need to correct their actions.

The second time the warning will be posted in the open.

The third time their Account will be deleted.


Congrats on a well run website

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I have been a member of this web page for a while now, & all I can say is a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on a very informative,well run & DECENT website. I have been checking out some other sites & I will tell you that some I will not return to because of the degregation of some members of the other sites. The language & bad mouthing of peoples opinions &/or vehicle choice is ridiculous.I say once again to MAD MIKE & ALL THE MODERATORS Thanks for a great site!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!
(Excuse the spelling. I'm trying to write this in a hurry at work)

79 Z-28 427 4speed 4.10 In storage 14 yrs.Original owner.Progress has begun.

2GCOG in Car Craft

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I just got the latest issue of Car Craft and the 2GCOG webpage is listed in there. Towards the back, there's a listing of 30 or so webpages..... Cool!!!!

Congratulations to all!!!

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Dinograz is the big winner, but...
I just want to congratulate every active member on this board. 1000 members in the short period of time that this place has been active is quite an accomplishment! Special thanks to all the moderators for keeping things running smoothly and especially MadMike for making it all possible.

Art Ramsmussen

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From the Seattle Times:

Passed away at age 49 on Monday, March 13, 2000. Art, the son of Finn & Oddlaug Rasmussen, was born in Long Island, New York on October 4, 1950, and was raised in Seattle, Washington. A 1968 graduate of Ingraham High School, Art applied his talents to jobs as an auto mechanic, artist, construction superintendent, custom automotive machinist, racecar builder and crew chief, and even owned a screen print shop for a while. Since 1989 Art operated Art Rasmussen Design and Fabrication, Inc., a Hot Rod shop in the Seattle area, creating cars which have won awards and been featured in automotive magazines nationwide. Art is survived by wife, Teresa White and her family, his mother, Oddlaug Rasmussen, Greg and Kathryn Rasmussen, Ingrid Rasmussen, Linda Rasmussen, and Birgit and Ray Daniels. Art Rasmussen was an intelligent, artistic, inventive, humorous, playful and talkative man who enjoyed anything that had to do with cars, cars, cars! A reception...

Second Generation Camaro Owners Group

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This topic is for discussion of 2GCOG topics.
Currently, we don't have a newsletter, or discussion group happening. I guess here will be the place to keep advised of what's going on with 2GCOG.