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    PTFB upper control arm mounting question

    Thanks. That was helpful. Looks like I do not need the use the offset side since I don't think I have frame sag and the arms have increased built in caster/camber.
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    PTFB upper control arm mounting question

    It is flat on the other side. So, it could be mounted either way for alignment purposes. Street vs track I guess. Mine will be street and autocross.
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    PTFB upper control arm mounting question

    Bought ptfb uppers and no real instructions. The cross shaft sides are machined diffently with one side nearly "flat" while the other side is indented. Cross shafts can be rotated. Which side on cross shadt mounts to the frame?
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    Take 2 Zs to make 1

    Why not just transfer the good parts from the 78 to the 79 and skip the heavy body work?
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    Post up your "big wheeled" cars...AKA...17's or larger AND ADD YOUR BACKSPACING INFO!!!!!

    Paintman, what mods were needed to fit the 18 x 10s up front? Any rubbing?
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    1980 Z28 relocate gas tank and battery to trunk

    Battery relocation is easy. There are plenty of kits available. I did that on my 68 Chevelle and also installed a installed a Ford style starter soloid in the trunk next to the battery. Highly recommended. This way the heavy cable going to the front of the car is only hot during starting. You...
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    4L60E slipping at full revs???

    It may be toast but check your fluid level as described in owners manual. I have a TCI 700R4 and if 1/2 qt below the full mark, it will slip.
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    Recovering seats - Heat gun or redo hog rings

    First time installing seat covers. Legendary covers with ACI foam. I've not tried to heat the cover to reduce wrinkles yet. Wondering if I could remove some of the hog rings, adjust and re-attach. Then apply heat as needed or will heat now make a difference? The factory covers did have some...
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    Looking for a better bucket seats.

    What years of 300Z seats?
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    Looking for a better bucket seats.

    I would try and stick with an OEM seats because, in my limited experience, the aftermarket ones are hard as a rock. I had Corbeau sport seats and those gave me back pain after about an hour of driving. I then spent loads of money converting over to scat pro car rally seats because everyone said...
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    SPC 97130 Upper Control Arms installed

    Those are very nice arms and I know a lot of engineering went into them. I am shocked at the cost. I looked into those about 18 months ago and they were just under $800 and now a grand.
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    Seat Hinge Bushings?

    That would be great. Can anyone take some measurements of original good condition bushings and post up specs?
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    Seat Hinge Bushings?

    Did anyone find a good resolution to this bushing issue? I had planned on buying the F-body bushings but after reading comments, it appears they will not work. I then wanted to send mine to that ebay guy but my bushings did not come off in one piece. They were fused to the metal stud.
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    After owning for 50 years, decided to restore my 70 SS350

    Very nice car, great job and glad you retaied the original color. Good for you for hanging on to it for 50 years! Enjoy!
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    2022 Calendar's????

    Here Is direct link to calendar order:
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    2022 Calendar's????

    Subscribing. I'd like one as well
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    Rear suspension upgrade\spring rates

    Hey Biker, what is the Hotchkiss part number for those springs? Also, what shocks and what wheel/tire size? I was planning on buying PTFB Springs but haven't found recent posts with feedback from actual users.
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    Carpet color code on build sheet - 1981

    Thank you for the info. My sheet may be damaged where the carpet code is. Also some of the Factory Code typing is over top of the generic printed Box labels on the sheet so I can't read what some of the boxes designate. I'll see if I can call ACC directly.
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    Carpet color code on build sheet - 1981

    I have an '81 Z with silver interior and I contacted a parts place to order ACC carpet. Parts guy said he'd need to call the ACC rep and get back with me. Spoke a few days later and he was told the cars with silver interior did not have carpet colored (or called) silver, it was a type of grey...
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    385 sbc dyno results

    I also would have expected 400 more RPM out of that with a corresponding increase in power. Will be interesting to see what the other intake does.

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