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    distributor modifications

    Yeah another one for bypassing the control module. They do it to use the distributor for the trigger which is how yours is wired. MSD ignition boxes have two ways to be hooked up an one is with magnetic pickup (purple an green) letting the box do all the work. I fried two Unilite modules...
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    cowl seals

    The long ones yes they have those. 1970 - 1981 Camaro Cowl Side to Fender Dust Shield / Flap Set The smaller two that are on the top not that I have seen.
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    Moroso 47170 - Moroso Trick Front Springs

    Okay from what I finding it's the gas charged that auto extend an comp engine are not gas so it's all good. Put my big block in my new car an got away with it in my 77 with ac sbc springs. Thinking non ac car has different rate cause the look thinner an can't get my low pro jack under the cross...
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    Moroso 47170 - Moroso Trick Front Springs

    I actually want an need these so interested. Is the compressed shock wired or is that a bad one? Thought good ones force extended.
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    How much to mix per coat?

    No just main shell minus firewall an underbody. Video of me spraying: Spraying SPI Red Oxide Primer
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    How much to mix per coat?

    I think I used about 35oz of primer in two coats for my shell. Used SPI epoxy that has a 30 minute induction time (time after mixing before you can spray) so the more you make the farther you can go. The trick is to have something else ready in case you have extra.
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    Needed: 79 intermediate shaft/boot

    That might be available from inlinetube, they have a lot of good stuff like that. Look on page 41 bottom right of their Chevy catalog. Steering Shaft Boot Pn# - INL12240 - 1pc $26.00 Ea 1964-77 GM Steering...
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    Big Bumper owners - question about bumper filler pieces

    That would be interesting if they where in the brochure. The only paint on mine where from over spray from repaint.
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    Scott_H '77 Camaro

    Depends what your looking for. Figure I would try an make a driver with parts from my good car. So things like interior an trim I could. Body looked to clean to part, but with it repainted before I see some s filler cracking.
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    74-77 Front bumper fillers $50/pr

    I just checked mine an they will clean up, it's the rears that I will need. I'd say these where originals, they look warped enough to be rubber. The part numbers an the mold seam the same as mine. Good deal for ones in this condition.
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    Cool Desert Nights

    Any Camaros from this site going to be at Cool Desert Nights Saturday? Saw about four at the Dairy Queen Thursday.
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    1977 Z28 Restomod (asicerik)

    There he is, nice to see you starting a thread. I never seen the car that together.
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    Scott_H '77 Camaro

    I saw some of the original buckskin under my trunk lid an yeah that does look pretty nice. I first had the 70 Camaro gold made as a base clear, but it had a green tint that I didn't like. So I'm now planning to use HOK Solar Gold as my base. Just haven't sprayed a decent test panel to see if...
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    Scott_H '77 Camaro

    Forgot to update the status of the parts car. Passenger side fits so much better with a non AC car. I'm still using small block engine mounts an I think there is nearly 2" between the pan an cross member. The BB mounts will give me an inch right?
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    Scott_H '77 Camaro

    Haven't gotten to far, but thought I should share the latest. I have been manually resizing my photos an uploading to my own website to link an that kinda hinders posting a lot so I broke down an got a photobucket account. I will have to put it in my sig so people can find it, but for now...
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    1974-1981 Camaro ABS Plastic Headliner Covered With Black Perforated Foambacked Vinyl

    Yeah might look for a best price on shipping if not a dealer local. Probably like the package try an cost more to ship than price of part.
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    How do you protect bare metal on the interior?

    Just posted about this a few weeks ago (probably worth a sticky). Recoditioning Interior Bare Metal
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    1974-1981 Camaro ABS Plastic Headliner Covered With Black Perforated Foambacked Vinyl

    Seams like I've heard the heat can warp the plastic. Being in Florida you would be testing that. What ever you use would probably want a good heat reflective insulation. I got the bow type conversion to use on mine, wasn't even gonna bother with the covered.
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    A little fun at work.................. Video

    Yeah, this comes after I bought two overflow caps to get one that looked oem. Have the post on here an found the oer cap matched the transparency best but was rougher cast an no part numbers. Reviews could have saved me $8 there. An another thing was did repo windshield washer tank have oem...
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    A little fun at work.................. Video

    Or she would just get an electric screwdriver. Hey Fbody with you having more new stuff around it might be helpful for the community if you could do aftermarket product reviews. Like that console lid, last impression I had was they where a solid piece of plastic an not a vinyl covered like...

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