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  1. JWZ28

    Checking back in

    There was the OER (urethane) dash which I bought and am making due with right now, it leaves a lot to be desired in construction and fitment. I seem to remember there being a discussion about an improved repop dash in the making. I can’t remember if it was another company (NPD maybe?) or if...
  2. JWZ28

    Checking back in

    Just checking back in to say hey. Been on a bit of a leave of absence the past few years. Had a kid, went through a career change, didn’t put a lot of time into the camaro (and none in the forum) but I’m finally getting back around to it. Good to be back. PS: Did they happen to make a repop...
  3. JWZ28

    Original 4 speed shift knob - 78 Z28

    Sorry for the late reply, I took a break from the forums for a couple years after my daughter was born. No, this never sold and I really have no idea what it’s worth. I just priced it similar to what I had seen them priced on eBay at the time. I’ve actually been using it on my 78 lately.
  4. JWZ28

    Deal or no Deal

    You need to know every spec of the engine. Cam specs, pistons, etc. Is the cam flat tappet, hydraulic roller, solid? If it's solid you'll be adjusting rockers all the time. How many miles on it? What's the price? Engines built strictly for racing tend to have terrible street manners.
  5. JWZ28

    CCW suggestions ( I guess this topic is ok)

    Getting the gun back after having to defend yourself/family should be the least of your concern when picking out a CCW. Don't trust your life to cheap garbage. Worry about getting the gun back IF something happens.
  6. JWZ28

    CCW suggestions ( I guess this topic is ok)

    This, with emphasis on a small frame revolver in .38 or .357. They're just excellent carry guns. I carry both revolvers and semi auto's (Glock 19 9mm) just depending on where I'm going and what my wardrobe allows that day. One important thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. I...
  7. JWZ28

    Mufflers to loud

    That's kinda odd.. I had race pro's on my 78 355, no x-pipe, and dumped in front of the rear axle. It was TOO quiet, and no drone. If it's too loud you might want to go with a stock replacement tranverse muffler
  8. JWZ28

    Roll Call

    I'm still here. North Alabama
  9. JWZ28

    Aftermarket seats- what brand, are they any good?

    I went with these. They also offer the specific mounting brackets for our cars. They do sit higher than the original seats, but it doesn't bother me (I'm 5'11). Construction is very sturdy. As for comfort, they seem comfortable enough, and they keep you planted during "spirited" driving. I...
  10. JWZ28

    New CCW

    This, but make sure it's rated for hotter loads before you start feeding it +p ammo. If not, you're stuck with low pressure rounds. The high pressure stuff will destroy the gun if not rated for it.
  11. JWZ28

    Hot Rod Crusher Camaro

    Yeah, like it should make me breakfast and coffee in the mornings too for that much..
  12. JWZ28

    Parts 4 sale

    PM sent about the serpentine system.
  13. JWZ28

    Original 4 speed shift knob - 78 Z28

    For sale, the original 4 speed shift knob from my 78 Z28. This is in great condition and still has grain texture on the knob. Asking $250 + shipping but I'm open to reasonable offers. Posting on ebay as well
  14. JWZ28

    First Camaro for me . 1980

    Very cool, car looks great. Welcome to Nasty
  15. JWZ28

    Fuel injection systems???

    I have the MSD Atomic EFI and love it. Never fails to start. It does take a lot of trial and error adjusting this and that to find out what your engine and setup wants from the system, but it's all done with the handheld. You can also allow the system to control your ignition timing, which...
  16. JWZ28

    Looking For A 4 Speed Knob 73 Z28

    Do you know if it's the same as the 78 Z28 shift knob? I may still have mine. It needs some tlc but if it's the one you need you could make it work.
  17. JWZ28

    I hate EFI

    Your wife isn't into 93 octane?
  18. JWZ28

    So much for living in the desert area of the northwest

    Send some our way, my bass ponds are looking shallow
  19. JWZ28

    Graduated to some American Muscle!!!

    Time and money... Keep at it and all the nickle and diming will add up. I found it's much more fun to enjoy driving it as you build it.

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