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    Tittie Tuesday....

    Side boob
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    Hog hunting with a .25 CAL air gun

    I would of said no way before seeing that.
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    A/C fan - did all I could

    Well, 4 or 5 years ago I did all of the above (seriously) while I had the dash apart. I guess it won't hurt to do it again and concentrate just on the a/c system instead of getting the whole car on the road. Especially the rubber hoses and door movements. Most of the rubber hoses are factory...
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    A/C fan - did all I could

    I went all out to make sure the fan had all the juice it could drink and I made sure the ground was good, really good, and that it was the correct depth. Squirrel cage depth. Stills seems like it doesn't blow hard enough. Cleaned the evaporator . Does get cold just not blowing. Any ideas? Is...
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    Tittie Tuesday....

    There's some titties
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    Tittie Tuesday....

    I just use my imagination. It's usually better than reality. Butt, I'm a butt man
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    Tittie Tuesday....

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    Snowing yet, Chuck?

    71 in the summer and I prefer 72 in the winter. 67 sleeping. 65 to 90 while working outside. Anything out of that range and it needs to be urgent. But I grew up in the south.
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    Car dies when decelerating or when shaken!!!

    I'd get a known good carb and try it. A holly sitting with gas in it for that long will not be in good shape. As mentioned above I'd also check wiring to dist. With it running move wires
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    Snowing yet, Chuck?

    72 high today and sunny. Was 39 waking up. 69 in the house right now and I'm freezing
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    POST: your car and we don't ask again

    I have barreled about 25. Love them. Have build parties occasionally. Well, build and scotch tasting
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    POST: your car and we don't ask again

    A very much younger me in my 67 Camaro
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    Z28 decal color not on body tag

    I believe my only chance for a build sheet would be over fuel tank - and it would be rotten by now. I am pulling rear seats when my trunk divider and package tray gets here, but the seats are no longer cloth so they have already been removed. Never know. Thanks for the info. I'm going with gold.
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    Z28 decal color not on body tag

    Hello I have a 1979 los angeles built black z28, black deluxe cloth interior, black steering column, based on the body tag. The turbine wheels at one point were gold (they are now black, but that's another project). What are the color options of the decals? Was there a color that was most...
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    Seat Hinge Bushings?

    Machine them from brass
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    A-pillar panel to cowl screw

    Home depot. Look at the small bins on the bolt isle.
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    Brake booster and master headache

    I would start thinking of hydraulic booster connected to the power steering pump instead of vacuum booster. It's truly not expensive
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    Turbine wheel lug nuts Best looking I've found. Said they should be back in stock later this month
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    Ginger is good for you!

    Wife made ginger cookies with the raw root. Awesome

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