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  1. bracketracer-78

    Drag Racing Class Questions

    Where are you at? Each nhra division has different rules for brackets. Even some tracks have different rules then the others. As an example I can run the trophy class at some tracks, but not others. Some tracks run index racing. I'm currently running a .500 pro tree bracket class.
  2. bracketracer-78

    The 1973 RS Camaro didn't have a endura nose or round parking lights......

    I read somewhere the RS's were built up to December 31st 1972. So how many 73 RS cars are out there is anyones guess.
  3. bracketracer-78

    2022 Calendar's????

    I just got mine today. Thank you Mike.
  4. bracketracer-78

    OMG the MT radial slicks are AWESOME

    Yep, i was told to start at 18 psi.
  5. bracketracer-78

    OMG the MT radial slicks are AWESOME

    I bought a pair for this coming season. I'm curious how they are going to work compaired to the Hoosier slicks I was running.
  6. bracketracer-78

    Gas on the right coast.

    $3.51 here
  7. bracketracer-78

    How many camaros have you owned?

    My 78 sport coupe that I bought in 1989 and still own and a 1989 IROC that i bought in 1995 and sold in 2003.
  8. bracketracer-78

    Oh Crap My Gas Bill Tripled Already

    I love the heat. Im warmer than most people during the winter. The 2 tons lasts me from the end of November to mid March. Once the stove is lit i just maintain the fire. I can usually make it the whole winter without needing to relight it.
  9. bracketracer-78

    2022 Calendar's????

    Crap. In the site topic there is a thread for submissions but nothing for voting. Its one of the few things I look forward to each year, but i understand if life gets in the way.
  10. bracketracer-78

    Oh Crap My Gas Bill Tripled Already

    Paid $385 for 2 tons of coal last year. This year $465 for 2 tons.
  11. bracketracer-78

    2022 Calendar's????

  12. bracketracer-78

    2022 Calendar's????

    When are the 2022 calanders going to be available? Did i miss something?
  13. bracketracer-78

    Anyone have Roku

    Maple Groves one track announcer tipped me of on this. It's great. I could care less for any of the new stuff when they went to 3/4 track racing as I call it. I was watching stuff that I only read about like Garlits winning Indy in 84.
  14. bracketracer-78

    How many of you...

    I actually drove mine more this year. 110 is $65 for a 5 gallon pail.
  15. bracketracer-78

    COVID infection survivors, question

    I had it back in October 2020. I was a little short of breath during covid while I mowed the lawn but nothing long term. I had no issues during covid. The only thing out of the ordinary was one of the days my sinuses burned for about an hour like I snorted cyanine pepper. I'm over this whole...
  16. bracketracer-78

    I'm done for awhile

    At MG it is a good group of racers and the track officials are nothing like what they were just a few years ago.
  17. bracketracer-78

    I'm done for awhile

    Welp, i finished in the top 10, tied for # 9.
  18. bracketracer-78

    Nice Tribute to the Fallen 13 at Our Local Dirt Track Last Night

    Yesterday at the track (Maple Grove) the flag was at half staff and before the star spangled banner we had a moment of silence. The car count was at 397 and during the moment of silence you could hear a pin drop anywhere in the pit area it was that quiet.
  19. bracketracer-78

    REO Speedwagon - still awesome

    One of the few bands that sound better live than on the radio. I saw them in Lancaster Pa back in 2004ish.
  20. bracketracer-78

    Ever have one of those days?

    Last weekend I was changing the front brakes on my grand prix. I had my 18 year old helping me to get some experience. After we were done changing the brakes long story short we blew a brake line backing out of the driveway. I had everything here to make standard 45 deg flare's and I have about...

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