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  1. CaliCamaro75

    Speaker Kicks, Speaker Door Pods and Speaker Trays FS

    He has retired from making them. He has other ventures that he is pursuing. An doesn't have time. As time has been catching him.
  2. CaliCamaro75

    Rotisserie with body and subframe?

    Has anyone attempted to mount there subframe and bare body into a rotisserie?
  3. CaliCamaro75

    Speed tech torque arm suspension obstruction?

    Anyone who has the rear torque arm setup from speed tech. Can I get some pics of the fwd support bar where it goes on the subframe. I'm trying to see if I'll run into an issue with my weld in SFC and the gussets from it. A pic of the bottom looking up at the frame rails would help. Also the...
  4. CaliCamaro75

    Switch Rack preload spring? Floor shift non tilt column '75

    Figured it out. The spring bar goes behind the switch rod and rack assembly. :screwup:
  5. CaliCamaro75

    Switch Rack preload spring? Floor shift non tilt column '75

    Rebuilding my steering column. An I tore it all the way down. Tried to look for videos to rebuild or at least pics. Can anyone help with a better picture or explanation for this part? The manual drawing isn't very descriptive. I know it goes in the ignition section just feel like I'm missing...
  6. CaliCamaro75

    My 75 Camaro Project

    It's been a while since I had time to get out an do some work. Between work and playing with the kids. Started to take the little time I have an do things here an there. Rough cut one of the SFC slots and have been degreasing the passenger side a bit. I have parts to do stuff with and a...
  7. CaliCamaro75

    Speaker Kicks, Speaker Door Pods and Speaker Trays FS

    Hey 71 how many package trays you have? An any kick panel sets available? Shipping to 92596 if you could. I'm really interested in a setup for my 75 before you stop your amazing work.
  8. CaliCamaro75

    LS Swap (LS3 with a T56)

    Photobucket I believe it was. That's gone cuz the service changed and was no longer free or something. Now to post pics it's an option right below post reply it's now "upload file"
  9. CaliCamaro75

    Tilt Steering Column Bearings

    The video talk about the arrangements of this small bearings in video 13 or so. If your talking about the ones with 2 different ball bearing sizes inside the upper collar
  10. CaliCamaro75

    Tilt Steering Column Bearings

    Here's a link of tear down and rebuild. Not exactly Camaro but it's chevy the same basic column.
  11. CaliCamaro75

    Epoxy primer, lizardskin and seam sealer question

    After laying epoxy primer. Should I seam seal before or after lizardskin? Anyone have any advice or tips from there experiences with this layout
  12. CaliCamaro75

    Door measurement

    How far in does a finished door stick into the interior? Measuring from the fore and aft door jamb pinch welded areas Trying to check clearance of new seats. Have to fab up my own brackets
  13. CaliCamaro75

    My 75 Camaro Project

    Some Christmas presents and late presents to my self. DSE Solid body mounts and SFCs Grant Steering wheel and adapter kit AMD master body bolt kit :bowtie::bowtie:
  14. CaliCamaro75

    WTB: Cowl Screen 8800774

    I'm interested in it john. If Badazz passes on it.
  15. CaliCamaro75

    77 Camaro Subframe Connectors

    May post a pic of your SFCs and the underbody?
  16. CaliCamaro75

    77 Camaro Subframe Connectors

    Detroit speed SFC are the ones I just got and will be installing shortly. They are angled
  17. CaliCamaro75

    I need a tilt column, but from where?

    ocautosteeringcolumns website was reasonable sounding. I was going to buy a rebuilt tilt one from them before I decided to just rebuild my standard column and put that money elsewhere. It was referred to me by another member a while back when I was on the fence.
  18. CaliCamaro75

    78 rotisserie resto

    I currently have my 75 on a rotisserie. An I don't have bracing up. I have replaced the driver side floor pan already. Currently doing the mini tubs now. An then patch repair and pin hiles to fix Although I'm not notching the frame rails since I'm doing a speedtech torque arm suspension. An...
  19. CaliCamaro75

    Hood Bumper stops

    Are you talking about the front hood adjustment bumpers? Like these
  20. CaliCamaro75

    My 75 Camaro Project

    Had some rust cancer at the base of the column plate so cut that out an will weld in some new plating!

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