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  1. larrylarry

    Gas Tank Straps

    Cushion. That’s what happens when I rely on my own spelling.
  2. larrylarry

    Gas Tank Straps

    Maybe it has something to do with the shape of the tank, IDK. One little tip is when I installed my new tank, I used the original straps & they didn’t match up well. The straps were an inch or inch & a half to short so now the bolts were to short also. I used much longer bolts to draw the straps...
  3. larrylarry

    Fender nut missing...

    That’s an important one. Can you put something sticky on your finger to hold a nut an put it in the bottom then thread a bolt to it but the nut might spin when tightening the bolt. Besides taking everything off an spot welding a nut on your only option is to epoxy a nut an thread a bolt into it...
  4. larrylarry

    "Legalizing" the 73Z for the Road

    I also have the antique license plate on my 78 Z28. I only drive it around the country roads here in Bandera county. I hardly drive into San Antonio anymore which is only about 25 miles away mainly because I get frustrated waiting in lines. I really need to check out my insurance for it because...
  5. larrylarry

    Trunk lid won’t open

    Never mind I got it open. I had to pull up on the left side of the lid really hard to open it. Seems as though the rubber seal kind of glued it self to the lid. Gonna have to smear some dielectric grease on it seal.
  6. larrylarry

    Trunk lid won’t open

    I used my key an the lid does start to open but only about a 1/4 inch. Took the back seat out but I don’t know what to pry on or turn. There’s a hole in the middle of the bracket and I thought you would use a long screw driver to turn but it didn’t seem to work. There’s another hole to the left...
  7. larrylarry

    Header PAINT

    Never had any kind of header paint that would last. I did wrap my headers & painted the wrap an it lasted.
  8. larrylarry

    Help with dead big electirc shop fan

    I’d say it’s a capacitor issue if it has one. Here’s a pic of my shop fan. Squirrel cage fan from a house a/c unit. Blows a lot of air !!!
  9. larrylarry

    Engine oil disappearing? Non Camaro question

    Thanks for the info! I’m sure it’s the PCV causing this after researching this.
  10. larrylarry

    Anyone in the San Antonio area?

    If he needs any extra help or advice I’m available.
  11. larrylarry

    Anyone in the San Antonio area?

    I used to live in SA for a loooong time but moved to Pipe Creek / Lake Hills area. I’m retired now so if someone needs any help let me know.
  12. larrylarry

    Vortec heads on Gen 1 SBC bypass hose ?

    I don’t think it’ll make any difference, if it did it would be very slight. I don’t have a heater core in my 78. I also have iron GM Vortec’s on a gen. 1. I used threaded brass caps to block off those ports on the intake. My top end gets hot also, even my air gap intake got hot to. There’s...
  13. larrylarry

    New lower gears, NO Performance change

    More HP is needed. A higher lift cam would help along with higher flowing cylinder heads. I would think you’re running out of HP about half way down the strip.
  14. larrylarry

    Engine oil disappearing? Non Camaro question

    I have a 2017 Mazda CX-5, 2.5 L Trying to figure out where the oil goes between oil changes. The CX-5 has 160,000 miles on it. Yesterday I did an oil change on it, there was only 2.5 qts left in the oil pan, it requires 4.8 qts per oil change. It’s continually done this for a couple of years...
  15. larrylarry

    Factory T-Top Tint

    My 78 has tinted glass not tinted film. From the picture it looks like yours don’t have tinted glass. The only thing you can do now is tint them. Maybe it’ll hide the scratches, IDK. I tried to tint curved glass, even watched some YouTube on it, failed badly.
  16. larrylarry

    Alarm systems? GPS trackers? anti theft devices?

    If your battery is in the trunk a battery disconnect switch is best. Yes it’s dated but it also means if someone tried to steal it it’s not going anywhere. You’d have to run a power wire to the radio. I have this on mine & a electric fuel pump switch.
  17. larrylarry

    engine oil capcity

    Always primer a new oil filter, pore oil into it until it stops absorbing oil then 4 qts into the engine.
  18. larrylarry

    engine oil capcity

    4 qts. Is correct. Pore the new oil in an give it about 1/2 an hour to drain down to the oil pan an recheck your dip stick. You can make a new oil level mark by using the edge of a file.
  19. larrylarry

    Garage lighting

    Where I worked at they replaced all the office fluorescent T8’s with LED’s. Must of been 25 to 30 3 ft.long double T8 fixtures lay on the ground. Brought home 8 of them.

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