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    Dakota digital install questions

    When you got you Dakota dash did it come with the VSS? if so all you have to do is run the wires from the speed sensor to the Dakota box it should be three wires. I didn't use the sensor that came Dakota dash since my 6-spd already had a sensor in it but all you do is run the wires to the...
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    Sway Bars

    Never really ran the SCCA auto cross with these sway bars but was planning to once I got them but never got the chance may have to look into seeing if they still have a club here and take it out for a run.
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    Sway Bars

    Thanks for the instructions, now just need to make sure installed them right
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    Sway Bars

    Thanks for the help I was thinking it was Rancho but wasn't sure
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    74 Camaro

    Well I haven't updated this in a while but I have been working on it, just seems about everything I have worked on had to come back out or had to order more parts. But the engine is in the clutch doesn't leak now and it does drive, not sure the neighbors liked it running with open headers but...
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    Sway Bars

    Ok it's been a long time since I purchased these sway bars and I can't remember who made them and can't find my documents on them but they are can be adjusted and were red when purchased. Does anybody know who made them and or have the documents for them? Front Rear
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    Courtesy Lights

    Thanks for the pictures, now I know where they go
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    25% off discount code orders over $250

    Does anybody know if Classic is having a July 4th discount?
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    Wiper motor wires question

    Look at A1 Cardone part number 40162 it should be like the original one you have.
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    1974 Z28 Speedometer Cable Length

    The cable is 61" long for manual trans
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    Got any ideas

    Ok, with the headlights on and the turn signal on you should get power to both the wires coming into the socket at the bottom. With the turn signal off do you have power to both wires with the headlights on or just one? By the way are you using LED bulbs or regular type, I had a issue using the...
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    74-77 bumpers

    I think this is the link you are thinking about.
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    4-relay power windows - Do it!

    I installed the relays in my camaro and the windows work a lot better as for putting the relays under the console I haven't gotten that far yet. But I did see a picture of somebody that used velcro tape to attach the relays to the underside of the console instead of drilling holes in the floor...
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    1975 Camaro turn key no crank

    If you look under the dash on top of the steering column right by the firewall you should see a switch this is your neutral safety / backup light switch. On the switch look for two purple wires this will be your neutral safety wire one of the wires should go hot when you turn the key to the...
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    Courtesy Lights

    Does anybody know where the courtesy lights mount under the dash, my camaro never had them and the new harness has them just not sure where to mount them. Thanks
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    Adding a Rear Defroster?

    I added one to my 74, and the shelf is already punched so it's a easy install. Easy to make the wire harness if you need to now they make the switch for the dash.
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    Parking Cable Hitting Drive Shaft

    Yup my trans is about the same in the trans tunnel, as for the cables hitting the exhaust pipes I haven't gotten that far yet. But my old exhaust system didn't hit and I'm hopping the new system doesn't either but only running 2.5 exhaust pipes didn't see any reason to run 3 inch pipe not enough...
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    Parking Cable Hitting Drive Shaft

    I was thinking about that also but only have about 1" before the top of the transmission hit the floor pan. I was looking at my Jimmy 4x4 and the cables run though a few brackets to keep them in place so I may make a bracket similar to them. But your right it does seem low but it is a bigger...
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    Parking Cable Hitting Drive Shaft

    Well seems I have a problem with the parking brake cable hitting the new drive that came with the new transmission kit it is 3" in diameter verse 2.5". I have talk to American Power train and they have had a few people run into the same problem and they said they built a bracket to hold the...
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    Power door locks special linkage?

    In the picture you can see the rods that go from the actuators to the locks and as long as you have those they should hook right into your door locks. Now there is a left and a right side rod and they will only go into the door lock they are mint to go in as they have different key ways were...

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