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  1. Jas0n

    My 78 LT restomod

    Amazing job! Congratz!!!
  2. Jas0n

    My 1979 Camaro Z28 Project!

    Matt that render is really something! I'll would love to see your car finished like that!
  3. Jas0n

    '79 Berlinetta - An Italian resto..

    Hi guys! Thanks for checking out my thread! It's been a while, for sure.. this pandemic has given an unexpected turn to our lives and I, during these two years, have dedicated myself to my family, trying to spend as much time as possible with them instead of in the garage.. that's why I...
  4. Jas0n

    Jamieg285's '79 in the UK

    That's a huge amount of good-work-well-done!
  5. Jas0n

    Be prepared, C-Prepared Autocross (1981 Camaro)

    Sounds amazing! excellent work on the exhaust
  6. Jas0n

    Jamieg285's '79 in the UK

    Man that is certainly not a little achievement. We all know how much time it takes doing also the little things, and when you think or programming your time, is always way more that you had considered! Great job. keep doin'it.
  7. Jas0n

    Here we go again...73 Z28

    Looks beautiful
  8. Jas0n

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my Nasty friends! Be safe and enjoy family time
  9. Jas0n

    Project Girasol

    Hang on man!
  10. Jas0n

    JohnL71RS’s Project restart…..

    I'm impressed! what an amazing job you have done! Congrats man!
  11. Jas0n

    Tragic Accident..

    So sad that she is gone.
  12. Jas0n

    Be prepared, C-Prepared Autocross (1981 Camaro)

    That's awesome man! many congratz for reachin' out that milestone!
  13. Jas0n

    Happy 4th !!

    Happy 4th to all the Nasty family!!
  14. Jas0n

    RIP Michael Stinson- TwoZs

    oh my! so sad to hear that. RIP TwoZs
  15. Jas0n

    '78 Z28 - Pro Touring Or Bust

    Hey PFZ28... just checking....any progress?
  16. Jas0n

    Set-up Bearing: BGH Was Right

    I just wondering if you take out .002 from the pinion, doesn't this ruin the backlash? (I have no experience in this field)
  17. Jas0n

    1970 Camaro Restofy

    Last 3 pages was a huge amount of work! Well done giggity!!
  18. Jas0n

    My 1979 Camaro Z28 Project!

    Man that is amazing!
  19. Jas0n

    My 1971 LS Swapped Pro-Touring Project

    Beautiful parts and great progress!! I like it.
  20. Jas0n

    1973 Camaro Restoration/Build- Bein Bad

    That wing is mind blowing! ..but...aren't those fins a little dangerous? I mean like a slicer..

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