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  1. southern-breeze

    22 Years Ago We Lost Davey Allison

    I was a fan also. Made me sick the day he died. I still have alot of his diecast toys
  2. southern-breeze

    Newer Jeeps

    i paid over 37k for our 4 door 2014 jeep wrangler . the only problem i have is the back seat needs to tilt back a little,cause it sets straight up
  3. southern-breeze

    junkyard score!

    Those seats could have brought an $200
  4. southern-breeze

    Cl Ad

    Looks like someone caught that, while fishing
  5. southern-breeze

    Wtb 20 inch wheels for 6 lug chevy truck

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a set of 6 lugs wheels for a late model chevy truck . I would prefer some what local. Also I can't use wheels that are too deep in width. I prefer a factory set that some one took off.
  6. southern-breeze

    question about t-tops

    I have 2 sets of t-tops laying by a tree in my paster,unless the cows have found them. I tried selling at local swap meets and had no luck. I also have a set for 3rd gen
  7. southern-breeze

    Things to do in the upper Florida Panhandle?

    There was a bar,called the pelican island ( I think) there . It was on road or two up ,turn right and it will be on the left at a apartment/ condo building. The Porsche was a faded red in color.. I was a kid when I was there and the only thing to do there was putt- putt and the beach . Looks...
  8. southern-breeze

    Help! Chevy Silverado price check?

    They are offering around 9k off of trucks around here
  9. southern-breeze

    Things to do in the upper Florida Panhandle?

    If things hasn't changed since 86 ,then go buy a lot of bottle water,cause their city water smells like rotten eggs. I lived on st. George island, back then. And there was not much to do ,on there.. I thought bout visited a few times ,just to see if that abandon porche is still there. But we...
  10. southern-breeze

    FREEBIE: Back Brace (L)

    I'm still having problems after my back surgery. But not like it was before the knife .
  11. southern-breeze

    MNKD stock- what's up?

    My wife has been busy all week making hazmats suits. Her company donated 200 suits last week
  12. southern-breeze

    Take it or not??

    My brother just got back from a 4 year tour there. He told me if you like being trapped on a rock, than it was great.
  13. southern-breeze

    Reliable Radar Detector Reviews

    what city do u work for ?
  14. southern-breeze

    Special Projects Forum Open Now

    applied under the name double-duece
  15. southern-breeze

    Weird Dreams....

    Some of my dreams ,if told would lead me to VA therapy. but I have woke up beating the poo out of a wall or a chair,thinking that I was fighting. the next day ,it looked like I lost the match. busted knuckles and swollen hands, made it hard to grip a tooth brush.
  16. southern-breeze

    71 Z/28 RS CL find

    I bought my 70 model rs. for $1000, back in 2003 ,and a few years before I bought a 70 ss 4sp car for $1200 with new interior. I sold it ,due to a divorce for the same price.
  17. southern-breeze

    71 Z/28 RS CL find

    Alabama would not title it either. State law is nothing is title 1974-and back.
  18. southern-breeze

    My 71 rammed by a Dodge minivan

    I would think that the stop light would have been better ,than a 3rd brake light
  19. southern-breeze

    what type of bbq grills do yall own?

    ^^ what was the biggest problem with them? I heard they sold out and started making them with chinese steel ,which is a tinner metal, and their customer service is not worth calling.
  20. southern-breeze

    Step Right Up!

    I also know that if not for the sp section, some of the members would had a harder time getting over a divorce or a death of a family member. the sp/members were like a support group. that helped alot of people out.

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