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    The perfect husband

    I LOL'd
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    Barn/Garage finds do still exist

    Just tell him the dog got in and you were just getting him, LOL.
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    who says you need to drop an LT1 down to remove it LOL

    I took mine out thru the top.
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    Kids first .22

    10/22 and never look back, great shooter out of the box and easily modified to keep his/her attention.
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    last one for a while. New plinker

    I need one of those, I have about 5000 rounds of .22 LR I need to burn up.
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    Lost my 73

    That really blows. I buy and sell a little here and there. It has been my experience that if the parts are listed as " flooded ", they will get little attention and most people will only want to pay scrap value. Base your buy back from the insurance on that and you could possibly do ok.
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    waltrip calling a race

    X 1,000,000
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    driving at Daytona @ Richard Petty Experience

    Jealous....J/K, That looks like a blast.
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    I almost got ran over today.

    Fixed it for you
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    Even guys on here can't be trusted. Depressing discovery.

    This! Who is to say that the seller was being anything but forthright, what if he received it that way. need to research before slinging mud!
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    Mysterious happenings

    Karma happens
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    Am I wrong or????? Opinions please....

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    Let's send cars down a wet track...?

    [/B]Never going to happen, that would result in them being liable for damages, waivers or not.
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    tax return potential purchase

    Have you shot the SCCY? AWFUL,AWFUL,AWFUL. Trigger pull weight is 13 lbs or more, Feels very heavy. I shot one at the local range during an exhibition, gave it back to the rep., he said what do you think, I told him it was the worst gun I have ever shot. His reply was, " I would not buy one...
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    ocala florida

    Grew up not too far away and I have an Aunt that still lives there. Always thought it was a nice place to visit.
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    This guy is really in to his woman

    ^^^^ Or find his dog ^^^
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    What's your snow removal method??

    Hold on, I will see if I can find a picture of my son.;)
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    College Football Championship game

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    College Football Championship game

    Dead On!
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    Ammo Online

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