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    1979 suspension upgrade vs new Vette

    A lot of good advice and info here. I do think building the car, making changes along, builds the cars personality that matches the personality of the driver. It has to be very rewarding adventure.
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    1979 suspension upgrade vs new Vette

    Well that's not what I wanted to hear. But it is hard to beat the looks of a nice old school Camaro!!! I was thinking of tearing down the Camaro and start from scratch with suspension/brakes/steering with LS engine and maybe 5 speed. It would be nice to have a old school Camaro that handled well...
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    1979 suspension upgrade vs new Vette

    I was wondering how well a complete suspension/steering upgrade to a '79 Z would compare to the handling of a new car such as vette. Such as 4 wheel coil-over shocks, new a-arms, brakes, 4 pt rear-in, larger wheels, etc. Will a newer car just out perform a completed updated 78-81 Camaro...

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