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    Can a ZZ4 pass the CA smog test?

    0562 just got their commercial program back. I was hired as a replacement for the RSM who was on long term disability, shes back, but im still doing her job, and the jobs of several others. We only have 2 service advisers so I end up working service phones alot, and helping the express service...
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    Can a ZZ4 pass the CA smog test?

    Is one of about 18 or so letters I have, I tested for CVIS commercial vehicle inspection specialist, which also covers Auto tech 1 and 2, Ive interviewed in person at 6 locations and I have 2 more that I will probably interview for. I tested rank 3 number 1 as you can see on the paper, not bad...
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    Second gen @ Detroit car show

    I dont think you drive a car like that farther than the trailer. I could be wrong though.
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    Pneumatic Spark Plug Cleaner - do they work?

    ^ dead-on. That tool is a remnant of yesturyear when parts were expensive and labor was cheap. In todays age of a set of plugs for under $20, just get new ones.
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    Can a ZZ4 pass the CA smog test?

    My smog license expired a few years ago, but at that point in time, a ZZ4 was considered a gen 1 small block still, and was treated as a 1967 model year. You would still need a carb, and intake with a EO number and the stock air cleaner, as well as manifolds, air injection(if equipped), egr, and...
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    Condition of new leaf springs

    All the ones I have ordered have come wrapped, and end up looking great. I wouldn't be concerned about their strength though, bouncing around in a truck for a few thousand miles shouldnt kill something that strong.
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    socal cities 911 call payment

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    MONROE VS. GABRIEL what do you Like?

    Speaking of, alot of the dirt track racers use the front shocks out of a police car, im going to try them for giggles. 510012 I think is the part number. For pure comfortable ride, its hard to beat a monroe. The KYB's are pretty universally bad.
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    74-77 bumper strip end caps

    Fbodywarehouse was talking about them getting reproduced some time back. I saved my old one when my bumper was annihilated, just in case. Give him a call tomorrow, or actually I probably will because I need other stuff anyways. Ill post up here what I find out.
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    How can you See when your driving ?

    When you have that much "Pah" you pop wheelies and cant see anyways!
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    simpson racing products screwed up..........

    Lol I was thinking the same thing, im a 7 5/8 and its hard to find stuff to fit my big ass scottish head! :screwup:
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    MONROE VS. GABRIEL what do you Like?

    14.99 MSRP, most places that carry monroe carry them. If you want a comfortable ride, get monroe sensa-tracs. Theyre a bit soft for a performance shock, but great for a driver.
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    new mil spec cell phone from casio ...

    My work phone would hold up fine. Motorolla i355 It fell off my belt 3 stories up in the air and landed on concrete, still works great. Didnt even scratch. If I had sprint for my personal use id be all over that, but they have a dead spot right where I live, so im stuck with ATT.
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    Rear Shocks '79 Camaro Base Model

    Theyre a bandaid for bad springs, and they make the car ride and handle like garbage.
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    Muscle or sport?

    I still kinda define a TRUE muscle car as a base level trim package with a big engine. No frills like hand crank windows, no ac, no power steering, no radio, just a big engine. That said, I think the line is gradually blurring, so much so that a well optioned car like mine with AC, power...
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    1978 camaro raising the rear end...

    Start with new springs. If that isnt enough then get lift shackles. That should get you were you need to be. Oh, and never use air shocks on any CAR ever. Theyre OK for some trucks, in limited situations.
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    Sub Box 94 GMC

    It would be really really easy to make some spacers where the seats bolt. You can kiss any head room in the back goodbye though. Why go overkill with the 2 12's anyways? You could fit a single 12 in a tube back there no issues at all.
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    93 Chevy Truck Question

    Its a terrible system thats poorly executed. I know that none of my vehicles would pass inspection.
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    1\4 ton Chevy bumper meets my parked car =(

    thats WAY high. For less than that I had frame straightened, new core support, header, lower valance, bumper, bumper brackets, 2 headlamp buckets. Both left and right fenders straightened, and a new hinges. I think you can come out way ahead on this one.
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    1\4 ton Chevy bumper meets my parked car =(

    The bumper was really hard to find. I paid over a grand for my new bumper with a 8/10 rubber strip. The parts youre going to need are cheap and available. I could get you exact numbers even if you needed them. Sad too see another 74 get whacked.

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