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  1. pantera72

    Protour73 progress pics

    Haven't been around here in forever. Has my gold membership been revoked yet? :) Car looks good Scott, you've done a great job.
  2. pantera72

    old time pics of my car...

    Call me crazy, but I liked it better with the vinyl top.
  3. pantera72

    Here's what Katie has been up to...

    That is one [email protected] jeep. :eek:
  4. pantera72

    WOW......a teaser of my car in CHP!!!!

    Congratulations Scott
  5. pantera72

    Kevin Morgan Concept T/A pics from TA Nationals!

    I like most everything except the rear spoiler. It looks terrible IMO. I'm also not a fan of vinyl lettering on the rear spoiler. If its important enough to say then either give it a real badge or can the idea.
  6. pantera72

    Pics of a Billet Grill for 70-73???

    In today's high priced world $200 for a custom one-off piece is a wet dream.
  7. pantera72

    wow, nasty is dead!!!!

    The g/f and my future step-daughter. We moved in together back in march of last year. Wow that year and a half just flew by.
  8. pantera72

    wow, nasty is dead!!!!

    Hey i'm still around. Family life just takes up alot of my time nowadays. :o
  9. pantera72

    need some help with a driver (sound card)

    nah, i'm on vacation this week and have lots of time to kill. :o
  10. pantera72

    need some help with a driver (sound card)

    I tried getting out of the house and getting a life. Its been going pretty good. ;)
  11. pantera72

    need some help with a driver (sound card)

    Some people disable system restore because it eats up too much hard-drive space. I used to on XP, but i've been leaving it on in Vista. Every couple weeks I have to go in and delete all of the restore points except for the most recent, which usually frees up around 30-50gb of space on my...
  12. pantera72

    need some help with a driver (sound card)

    No problem Mark ;) Yeah, but if SP ever runs out of porn you'll be lost again. :p
  13. pantera72

    need some help with a driver (sound card)

    What OS Mark? XP? If you have system restore enabled it might be the best bet in "your case". Your case being that you're computer illiterate. ;)
  14. pantera72

    Count to a million....

    Geez, what kind of bored loser would think up this kind of thread.
  15. pantera72


    lol, I don't mean to be a stranger. I guess this whole living together thing is still new to me, so its been holding my interest for awhile now. :shy: Maybe soon i'll get married to her and then get i'll get sick enough of her that I start coming on here more regularly like you old married farts. :p
  16. pantera72


    Whats up buddy, i'm doing great. :) Things have been going pretty good on my end.
  17. pantera72

    Was this one of our members?

  18. pantera72

    King Arthur and the Witch:(long read)

    That was pretty good and I wouldn't exactly call it long either.
  19. pantera72

    Lethal Weapon 5????

    It will be like Grumpy Old Men all over again, except with new and less funny actors. :confused:
  20. pantera72

    Now I know how you old people feel...

    No sh!yat, not just the teens either. Just moving in and living with my g'fs 3 year old hell-on-wheels has aged me 10 years in the past 5 months. :rolleyes:

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