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    Wild Pikes peak hill climb race car on the dyno

    Ah Palatov - for those unfamiliar, think Ariel Atom with a mid-mounted LS3. A buddy of mine had one and it was terrifying.... really, he had a C7 Z06 and the Palatov scared him
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    Didnt know it was that easy

    There are A LOT (nearly infinite in scope) of other things I would do long before arbitrarily adding a .030 bore to a 4.125 block. You'll see more gains by converting the engine over to Evans water-free coolant. I'm totally not kidding, you'll eliminate all of the hotspots where steam pockets...
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    Wix/Napa oil filter

    I'm wondering how many companies actually manufacture filters these days. I'm sure all of the big companies supply each other with at least some applications Mann-Hummel owns Wix, whose budget line is Microguard PG Filters makes the OEM filters for Hyundai/Kia along with a good chunk of the...
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    Spark Plug Gap: Points vs. HEI Does It Matter?

    Yes - the HEI makes a difference and yes you should widen the plug gap
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    I live in Silicon Valley... its only going to be 74 degrees on Saturday :(
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    FL Sheriff wants you to shoot a B&E burglar

    I wonder if the same Sherrif will pay for your attorney when you are sued in Civil Court.
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    RIP Taylor Hawkins

    Hawkins' had long-standing substance abuse issues including an OD in 2001. All of which he spoke about publically. With all of the other stresses and vice's of an extended tour, a vaccine reaction is near the bottom of my list of things I would suspect as a cause of death.
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    Well, the Ebay tax is real.

    I mean - if you're running a business, it seems like you should be paying taxes on that. Just like any other business.
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    350 engines to avoid for a rebuild

    The early heads will fit a late block. The late heads have a slightly different bolt angle on the innermost intake manifold bolts, so they aren’t a drop on for a 1 piece rear block, but the bolt holes on the intake can be slotted with little effort.
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    Must have Suspension upgrades? (76 Camaro)

    ^^ that could be a bargain. Suggestions: 1) You didn't mention if the subframe bushings were replaced when you did subframe connectors. If the SFB's haven't been done, that's mission-critical. 2) Replace anything that's worn in the front steering linkage. Inner/Outer Tie Rods...
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    Engine idles better with vacuum leak?

    It's not unusual. The engine is drawing in more air so increasing the idle speed. Once you fix the leak, you'll probably need to lean out the mixture screws
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    USPS Tracking…does it matter?

    i think it’s A regional thing. Around my place USPS is quite good. FedEx is so bad that I’ve started telling companies that if they insist on shipping FedEx that I will take my business elsewhere
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    I ran the PST's for subframe bushings... they work fine as they are in a non-rotational application. BUT - I would be wary if the shop broke lose one of the captured nuts when they installed them. Subframe bushings are a miserable job to do, and you absolutely have to use some sort multi...
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    Anybody own a North American .22 mini-revolver?

    I dunno - don't trust .22 for a personal defense round. I'm not a big fan of .380, but I'd be more apt to do a Bersa Thunder. If it's gonna come out, I want a round that will work without having to try to shoot out someone's eye socket with a 1" barrel during an adrenaline dump
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    Will my diff be enough going from 220hp to 430?

    That's a 8.5" 10-bolt, the squared-off bottom ears is an easy give-away. The design of the rear end is more than adequate for 500+ HP.
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    350 engines to avoid for a rebuild

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    Even Hitler was upset...

    As someone who's family tree disappears in Eastern Europe in WWII... It's great to mock your defeated adversary
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    Hinky Sway Bar - '70RS

    RE: Ridetech: Unfortunately, the math is the math on this. Now, that said, I've seen the Ridetech cars and they seem to work quite well. In general there are better starting points than the parallel 4-link. I'm a firm believer that in 2nd gens, anything short of a dedicated race car...
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    Hinky Sway Bar - '70RS

    ^^ This, is bad advice. A parallel bar 4-link is pretty much the worst suspension you can run in a 2nd gen. There are inherent geometry issues that come into play because of packaging issues with the LCA's. The LCA needs to be ~42 inches long in this application to avoid binding. This would...