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  1. BondoSpecial

    How I prepare my car for dealership service...

    I rarely have anyone else work on my cars, but for my current daily driver, if it does have to go to the dealer for warranty work, they install steering wheel, seat and head rest booties plus a carpet protector before anyone else can sit in it. A different experience than I was used to.
  2. BondoSpecial

    Power Steering Lock up

    For particularly difficult to bleed PS systems, you can take a rubber stopper big enough to seal against the reservoir neck, drill a hole in it that will accept an appropriate sized hose barb union, that you hook a mityvac pump up to, and then you can apply vacuum to the reservoir as you turn...
  3. BondoSpecial

    Paint frustration (good now) and observations

    Something to note, that I always see people confusing, is that when people quote inlet pressures for spray guns, that is what your regulator should read w/ the trigger pulled, not what the regulator reads w/ the gun not spraying.
  4. BondoSpecial

    Florida Taxes

    Maryland charges an "excise tax" on vehicles you already own when you move here. But my property taxes are low and there are no property taxes on vehicles.
  5. BondoSpecial

    Powder Coating Window Trim

    What color is your car? I had a red 2nd gen with powder coated black window trim, high gloss. I thought it looked good.
  6. BondoSpecial

    Saginaw 4 speed....again.

    The deeper the first gear though, the weaker the torque capacity of that model trans. So if you want a prayer of it holding up, you ideally want one of the closer ratio Saginaws, not the 3.50 or 3.11 first gear ones.
  7. BondoSpecial

    Stainless Shorty Headers on ebay?

    I also used some really inexpensive Chinese Ebay stainless headers on a truck, and although yes, they really were stainless at that price, and had extremely thick flanges, the ports did not all line up right, and even after building up a few ports with a weld bead and filing them flat, they were...
  8. BondoSpecial

    Can anyone tell me the name of this type of extensions?

    Cool. I basically make those by using these plus a ratcheting end combo wrench, for cases where there is not enough clearance for a regular socket wrench. The ratcheting combo wrench w/ a swivel adds even more flexibility
  9. BondoSpecial

    Tranny cooler- hoakie line connections

    the other option to make a good steel to steel connection is keep the flared end, and flare another piece of steel, and then use a flare union.
  10. BondoSpecial

    Tranny cooler- hoakie line connections

    You can use a compression fitting to join steel to steel if they are the exact same OD. Most people use the crappy brass unions the auto parts store sells. I would not. I would buy some steel Swage lock type compression fittings from McMaster or MSC or Grainger, which will be rated for way more...
  11. BondoSpecial

    Ford Maverick Grabber and Mercury Comet GT

    I like those cars. I like things that are dorky and a little out of the ordinary.
  12. BondoSpecial

    Old School Custom

    The Fast and the Furious of its day. LOL
  13. BondoSpecial

    Tranny cooler- hoakie line connections

    You could put a tubing nut on the existing steel line and flare it, and attach it to a flare to barb conversion fitting, so that you have a real barb fitting to attach high pressure trans cooler hose to. Or use one of the compression to NPT or compression to AN type fittings on the existing...
  14. BondoSpecial

    Power Steering Lock up

    Or you still somehow have air in the system, or the pressure valve is sticking in the reman pump. I bought a reman pump recently from one of the big name brand remanufacturers, and I had to take it apart and re clean everything. It was full of metal shavings and grit out of the box.
  15. BondoSpecial

    Discontinued Jegs (Profiler) Angle plug head

    header fitment / spark plug access
  16. BondoSpecial

    i'm so rethinking my vega setup...

    lol. An SBC is a 90 degree engine, look it up. It should be obvious from its shape.
  17. BondoSpecial

    i'm so rethinking my vega setup...

    ??????? A small block chevy v8 is a 90 degree engine.......
  18. BondoSpecial

    i'm so rethinking my vega setup...

    I don't think any classic car is going to surprise too many people as being a sleeper anymore. No one is street driving a car that old that isn't an enthusiast who is probably tinkering with it. The FWD 3.8 eaton blower I think has problematic routing when you put it on a RWD 3.8. Think about...
  19. BondoSpecial

    Trans-Am Pitman Arm Situation

    There are more differences between Firebirds and Camaros than there are similarities, both in body parts, and mechanically. They are vaguely the same shape but that's about where it ends. I never knew that until I started owning both, I had always figured they would have more in common too
  20. BondoSpecial

    Swapping Thrush 17656 for Dynomax super turbos

    The Summit turbos I have seen were a 2 tube cheapie muffler made by Imco, not the same as a Dynomax/Walker Super turbo, which aside from being from a different manufacturer, has packing in addition to the pass tubes. Although it is possible that different application mufflers are sourced from...