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  1. 70lt1z28

    WTB fender patch

    I have a new AMD fender that I used to cut the usually rusted bottom from. The headlight area is good. I can cut whatever you need tp graft on to yours.
  2. 70lt1z28

    Washer system mounting

    Curious. You mentioned you are in Europe. Do the locals have an inspection for this or do you want it working just to have it working?
  3. 70lt1z28

    Three-point rear seat belts?

    Rarest option out there. Option AS4 in 1970. 89 units sold.
  4. 70lt1z28

    Help, Inner door frame Pillar

    I will also add this is one of those spots that is many times overlooked during a restoration. It is pretty much completely hidden by shiny painted metal and really adds time (=cost) to a good restoration. If you are looking to buy one of these cars, take some time to remove the plastic vent...
  5. 70lt1z28

    Help, Inner door frame Pillar

    Shame that no one sells a repair patch as this is a common problem spot. Took me a couple of hours of pattern making and bending to fab one up.
  6. 70lt1z28

    Help, Inner door frame Pillar

    I "cut and pasted" the old indents to the new quarters:
  7. 70lt1z28

    Help, Inner door frame Pillar

    You could fix the one you have:
  8. 70lt1z28

    Leaf Spring Colour?

    Actually, what has me more concerned at the moment is the difference in height of the Eaton springs versus the originals: anybody else notice this? I was afraid that my originals were sacked out, but it looks like it is the other way. Maybe best to just restore the originals but the bottom...
  9. 70lt1z28

    Leaf Spring Colour?

    Just trying to decide on which color Cerakote to go with. I've looked at so many leaf springs over the last 24 hours that I can't tell what is the real color. The Socum Blue H-245 is supposed to be a substitute for the gun bluing that most folks do but I am leaning more towards the Sniper Grey...
  10. 70lt1z28

    Original 1970 Camaro Dimmer Switch Question

    My original 70 switch is as your photos 1&2. The 3841892 is listed for a 1969 here: Note that this is an April 1968 Assembly manual page. It even lists the 1997037 as "optional" so this switch was already planned in 1968. My guess is as the...
  11. 70lt1z28

    Leaf Spring Colour?

    It goes on very thin...0.8 tip on the gun. Self levels nice. Once its cured, hard to scratch. I think I'll try it.
  12. 70lt1z28

    Period Correct Engine and Car Value

    In my opinion, if the engine is at least a suffix correct with the ultimate of date correct, it will add least 3k to the cars value and a good purchase. You would then be only giving up the VIN correctness. If it is just a date correct but from a different model or a standard trans car going in...
  13. 70lt1z28

    Leaf Spring Colour?

    Thinking of Cerakoat: instead of traditional gun bluing. Seems like it would be much more durable and rust resistant. Comments?
  14. 70lt1z28

    How many horns on 1972 Camaro

    70 was the last year for two horns standard. After that there was a U05 dual horn option that was available on certain years.
  15. 70lt1z28

    WTB: 1100837 0A16 ALTERNATOR

    You've probably been in touch with this guy: Chuck Aleksinas. He comes across some rare things, but he knows it and charges accordingly. Maybe reach out to him and put your name on a list if he does such things.
  16. 70lt1z28

    1970 Wiring Diagram

    Schematic sent
  17. 70lt1z28

    1970 Wiring Diagram

    I have a .pdf scanned, but it won't allow me to upload to the forum. What is your email address and I'll send it to you.
  18. 70lt1z28

    1970 Wiring Diagram

    I think i may have one in the chassis manual. I'll have a look tonight.
  19. 70lt1z28

    Spark Plug Gap: Points vs. HEI Does It Matter?

    Also keep in mind the motivation for large gaps back in the mid 70's was the excessively lean mixtures they were trying to run due to emissions. To light off the lean mixture (not as many molecules of gas floating around) the spark had to jump a big gap. If you are not running a lean mixture...
  20. 70lt1z28

    Brake booster color

    Don't be too sure.... You almost have to look inside it to see what the original finish really was. The inside was in a vacuum (mostly) and not exposed to...

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