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    The Big Stick is Swinging Again

    My niece is back to sea and the Roosevelt has started working up their air wing. Been awhile. Fly Navy.
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    F-35 Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier Refueling

    When I work at our Ft. Walton shop I watch them fly all day and they are awesome to watch. The airport uses the Eglin AFB runway and they have all services and foreign air forces there learning the new aircraft. It's cool watching them flying with the other planes in service, F16's,15's,18's and...
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    Whoops, my bad

    A good example of where showing off will get you. You would think he should have known better.
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    how many here do pre-trip inspections of your Camaro's or other vehicles

    My Camaro I'll pop the hood and look it over and check the oil, It is a hot rod that is ran hard so you never know what could happen, it's worth 5 minutes to check then to get a few blocks and have something happen. My daily's I just give a walk around and look for puddles when I pull out, thats...
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    Found some intersting stuff in a used car

    A friend that does body work was telling me about a caddy rear quarter they got from a salvage yard, when they were cleaning it up they found a old rusted up pistol that was inside the body by the wheel well. He said they cut it up and tossed it. A pistol tucked inside the body of a caddy seems...
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    Whats that song?

    I was thinking Metallica also, with that lady who's name I can't think of singing that part.
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    14 inch open elemnet filter

    I like the K&N. I run them on my car and both my trucks. My brother has been using them on his bikes since I can remember, if washed and oiled properly they'll last forever.
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    Do you install all the accessories then drop the engine in?

    I dropped my engine in bare. A little less weight and easier to move around. I have a old school basic small block so I can get to everything easily with the engine in the car.
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    Can i get your help/ votes for a friend?

    Done, nice size fish. We deal with a lot of non native creatures of all kinds here.
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    Locked my keys in truck!

    I pop 4-5 cars a day at work, this afternoon I had to go to the mall and pop one that was used in a theft the cops chased the girls they bailed and took the keys and locked the doors in hopes of coming back. If you have the proper tools, a wedge and sturdy yet bendable rod, you can pop a truck...
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    Some Nice Pics of the Blue Angels Over Pensacola.

    Well the air shows have been on hold but we still get to see them over town from time to time. The runway is right across from my shop and they'll come though doing touch and go's, and pull some good G's on the way out with smoke on. Here's some good pictures from over Pensacola Bay and just off...
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    new guy from tn

    Welcome, most of ours needed a lot of work at one point. Just keep chugging.
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    Billet Specialties Serpintine Conversion - accessory holes missing in older block?

    I have a 64 327 and the old double hump heads with no threaded holes anywhere on the block or heads. I fabricated my own brackets for power steering and flipped the alt from driver side to pass. side fabricating existing brackets. Bolting up to the water pump and header. Been running that set up...
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    A few photos from todays cruise night.

    Great stuff, reminds me of our drive in but were at Burger King :). Some of everything, that's whats so great about it. I love the turbo rat rod. I also like the crazy paint on the 69, gave it a 70's flare, nice change up from the Rally stripes.
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    Rush Fans?

    For Canadian friends.
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    Funniest Trade Offer Ever

    Man beat me to it. First thing I thought when I saw it.
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    Rush Fans?

    Rush, the best rock trio of all time, and Neil Peart the drummers drummer.
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    Roosevelt Back Underway-Making way

    My niece is finally headed out to sea. She went aboard the Roosevelt in the middle of a four year overhaul so the first two years of her service she's been in the yard. This morning they cut loose and headed out for their shakedown cruise. She said last night when they were buttoning up the...
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    bristol is on abc

    Seems like things are about to heat up.
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    Civil War Era Soldier Laid Back to Rest

    You never know what can be in your back yard. A friend had some property close to this that had a Confederate camp on it. This is in a very rural farm area in the north part of the county...

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