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  1. yoyo74

    74-77 bumpers

    The replacements are made of a plastic. They are not the same as originals. I thought that someone was making replacement ends. I could use them myself.
  2. yoyo74

    value of right and left very clean doors

    They do appear to be 75 up doors. The inside handle is not bolted.
  3. yoyo74

    Manual tran neutral safety switch?

    That is something I really need to do in mine. I switched it over to 4 speed and never installed one.
  4. yoyo74

    Spindle/helicoil ???

    A helicoil done correctly is supposedly stronger than reg threads. Not sure how or why that is but... I have used many and have NEVER had one fail. I would however put the correct size in.
  5. yoyo74

    value of right and left very clean doors

    I went out and looked at them. They have all the mechanicals in them except the door handles and locks. No mirrors either. The window regulators are in way better shape than the ones in my doors. I will leave them in though. They look great inside and out.
  6. yoyo74

    value of right and left very clean doors

    Hi guys. Now that the 74 is in the body shop we decided to keep the original doors on the car. I have left and right doors that I had bought a few years ago. Now that I don't need them , I am not quite sure what they are worth. They are rust free with no repairs. They are in epoxy primer and are...
  7. yoyo74

    How concerned should I be? (long)

    I will be honest with you from right down the street. I have seen my house do things this year that have never happened before. I have been here 15 years. I think you are right on with your evaluation. First things first.... get the water away from the house.
  8. yoyo74

    1973 Concept Drawings from Motor Trend

    very cool!
  9. yoyo74

    "Quick & Dirty" '71 SS

    nice work from another local. I switched to 4speed also and will never go back.
  10. yoyo74

    New Partner

    I am very happy for you. And Thank you for your service.
  11. yoyo74

    Which one (new car) do I get ?!?

    I am by no means a Ford lover but very nice car. I would have gone the same route you took. Sweet little car. Best of luck to you.
  12. yoyo74

    Patelo miniature W-32 motor...

    I also will enjoy it again. I love that thing.
  13. yoyo74

    Holley fuel pressure?

    You aren't using an electric fuel pump w/o a regulated are you?
  14. yoyo74

    Holley fuel pressure?

    I believe it is 5.5 to 6. I would wait to see others answers. This is what I have used with results.
  15. yoyo74

    Mad Max'ed Camaro

    lol.... they want you to send them money so they can do more. NOT happening.
  16. yoyo74

    Where did the name Grandfather clock come from?

    I'm 42 and I seem to see that coming. So sad.
  17. yoyo74

    Mad Max'ed Camaro

    I like the hood!
  18. yoyo74

    '80s kids... arcade games?

    what was the one with the guy running through the jungle and swinging from vines?
  19. yoyo74

    I think my dog has been smoking dope.

    Or a cute poodle!
  20. yoyo74

    Nasty Z28 Challenge

    My car is at the body shop now but might be done But I am not sure I would drive 5 hours with a 4 speed and 3.73. I do have a truck and trailer but how much fun is that gonna be.

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