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  1. MikeM79

    Tiger Woods Owes Me a Keyboard!!

    When Tiger declared himself to be a "Buddhist" I spit my coffee all over my computer, desk, myself, the wall, etc. The java is still dripping out my nose. If he is a Buddhist then I am the Easter Bunny.
  2. MikeM79

    Sinuses... someone needs to figure out..

    I use this stuff called "Alkalol". Here is the spiel right off the label: "Alkalol is an alkaline saline solution specially formulated to clean and moisturize the nasal passages, dissolve mucus, kill germs and bacteria, and provide natural relief from the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies"...
  3. MikeM79

    Membership Milestone.... Freebie Anyone?

    Yes, the decal deal is still available.
  4. MikeM79

    The Hurt Locker - Iraq movie on EOD SPOILER ALERT!

    I rented it for a buck from one those Redbox vending machines at the supermarket. Best buck I have spent in quite some time.
  5. MikeM79

    2 Gen's in movies

    Just thought of another one. American Beauty: Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) uses some of his job severance money to buy a red 1970 Firebird.
  6. MikeM79

    2 Gen's in movies

    The opening sequence of the TV show "Hill Street Blues" had a brown big bumper car parked on the street. Almost as noteworthy was Veronica Hamel in the role of Joyce Davenport, the milf quality public defender lawyer.
  7. MikeM79

    Looking for some vacation ideas

    Please stay away from New York City. Why tourists come here is beyond me. Catch a few old episodes of NYPD Blue and call it good.
  8. MikeM79

    One for the Gun Guys
  9. MikeM79

    To strip or not to strip - that is the question

    Well, there you go. Stripping panels is a messy PITA. It is sorta fun to see the car naked though, so you may want to ask the body shop to call you for a peek at the appropriate time so you can see the extent any previous repair work.
  10. MikeM79

    Saw a 2010 camaro T-boned today.

    Yup, parts donors....that is pretty much what they are good for. Lots of those cars are gonna get wrecked. I have never sat in any car with such poor visibility for the driver. Even the view out of the windshield is cramped.
  11. MikeM79

    living off the grid..

    Again, the economics vary considerably by the local rebates available and local utility charges. In other words, what works on Long Island, NY matters not to people in Illinois, Oregon, etc. The only constant is the federal cash incentive ( 30% of system cost ). On Long Island the local...
  12. MikeM79

    living off the grid..

    Yes, Xantrex is a real player with good stuff. My install uses SunPower hardware. If you rely solely on your own panels for power then you will need batteries for sure. The sun goes behind clouds and every day also has a night ( no sun at all ). Pure off grid installs are only done in middle...
  13. MikeM79

    living off the grid..

    I make the bulk of my living by financing solar installations, so I know of what I speak. Also, I have it installed on my place and have no electric bill. First things first: - The economics of solar don't work without subsidies - Subsidies are available just about everywhere, but the EXACT...
  14. MikeM79

    Steering pump problems

    I went to a local truck parts place and had them fab me a set of hoses with the correct fittings on each end
  15. MikeM79

    Steering pump problems

    The LS1 steering pump works fine with second gen camaro power steering boxes. To bleed the air from the system: - Jack up the front end of the car just high enough to get the front wheels off the ground - Start engine - Slowly turn steering wheel from lock to lock several times. Check the...
  16. MikeM79

    Christmas cards.......

    I quit sending XMAS cards a few years ago. When I get one I simply cross out then reverse the "from" and "to" sections then mail the same card back to whoever sent it. Predictably, this has dramatically reduced the number of cards I get.
  17. MikeM79

    Look at what I did to my new car (pics)

    Clean it up good then slobber on some JB Weld.
  18. MikeM79

    Booo working on mustang.

    I would hire you at that price. Do you do roll cages? BTW, did you wear a condom while you were working on that Ford?
  19. MikeM79

    Third Gen Exhaust Question

    Guys, I recently picked up an 85 Trans Am roller for zero dollars. Actually, I found 32 cents in it, so I have negative money in it so far. It has a clean title and no big issues. Dunno what I am going to do with it yet...for the moment I am just gawking at it. I have enough stuff laying...
  20. MikeM79

    LSX Swap thread tech info to get these in 1970-1981 F-Bodys

    Mine is on the driver side rear frame rail just forward of the rear end housing. It is on the part of the frame rail that goes almost straight up. I ran rubber fuel injection hose from the filter to the gas tank then braided line from the filter to the fuel rail. Dunno if this is the best...

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