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  1. dcozzi

    Random sayings

    She's so fat two men can make love to her at the same time and never meet.
  2. dcozzi

    Tittie Tuesday....

    Unnecessary articles of clothing!
  3. dcozzi

    Tittie Tuesday....

    I want to send a thank you out to Dave Nelson for creating one of the best threads nasty's Z28 has ever had. (See 1st post)😄 I can always come to this thread and enjoy some quality media, no matter how my day is going. Thanks Dave.
  4. dcozzi

    Random sayings

    Sayings: Found a great price?? "That's a sore dick deal... You just can't beat it." "You can push the envelope, but it is still stationary" - Funnycar John "You did not plan to fail, you just failed to plan." "I would agree with you but them we would both be wrong." "He is happier than a...
  5. dcozzi

    70 real ZED

    French for Z.
  6. dcozzi

    Trunk lid won't stay up

    I do not want to deal with the rod setup since the car has a half decent paint job and, with my luck around anything painted, I would have an accident. The strut does no appeal to me. I have a mental block about how it looks on a 50+ year old car (strictly my weirdness). Isn't there 2 levels...
  7. dcozzi

    What's it going to take to stuff 18x12's in my 73?

    I cannot see the car sitting with the tires inside the wheel well without mini-tubbing. As soon as it goes up in there, it will hit something unless you restrict the suspension travel. Not the greatest thing to do, but you can get away with it.
  8. dcozzi

    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    Sounds like valve springs.
  9. dcozzi

    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    I'd take the Daily Special instead.
  10. dcozzi

    The 2 word game

    Over sold
  11. dcozzi

    Check out this new Drag week car

    Love the tiny upper pulley. Like a purple cow sticking out of the hood screaming, "BOOST!'"
  12. dcozzi

    Spark plug choice

    It has 12* initial and 38* @ 3000RPM. I may need to limit it to 36* which works pretty well on most SBCs. Cam Card
  13. dcozzi

    Spark plug choice

    It has fuel injection. I was going to go a step hotter to try to keep them cleaner and still not cause detonation.
  14. dcozzi

    Second gen wheels

    Here are some more BOZE wheels I considered. I had my sister photoshop them because I can't do it this well. They are a bit white but you get the idea. Splitter BOZE Torque
  15. dcozzi

    Spark plug choice

    Idle when the engine is cold, the EZ-EFI will idle and surge from fast idle to almost dying if set above [email protected] Real stupid but, I read the manual (go figure) and it said to richen the idle if it surges and sure enough, it worked. Trouble is, that is not the way an efficient engine is...
  16. dcozzi

    Loving the color. C/L Ad. Members car?

    Love those door panels!
  17. dcozzi

    I love pool day

    She has a flabby ass. Still hot though. Gotta love the "biscuit" shot.
  18. dcozzi

    This Hydrogen Truck Could Save Hot-Rodding And Internal Combustion

    There will always be a complaint about something as long as the internet gives everyone a voice. I like hearing about other options people are working on. Electric vehicles are "sterile" automobiles, no matter how fast they can go. Their designs look like crap too. Not a good looking one in the...
  19. dcozzi

    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    That looks like custom deluxe interior fabric.

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