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    Everyone from Nebraska check this out

    hey guys, im from nebraska too. ever hear of a lil town called platte center, well thats where i live now, its right by columbus. anyway, i may possibly be interested in getting together next summer. my car is in an extreme work in progress, it needs a lot of body work yet but she runs pretty...
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    I am from Nebraska, and have a Camaro

    columbus nebraska here, about 90 miles straight west of omaha.
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    I am from Nebraska, and have a Camaro

    how ya doin, sounds like uve got a lot of work ahead of you. sounds like fun tho, i am also from nebraska and i also have a camaro. i have a fairly rare 75 rs. nice to see nebraskans joining the club. (I am joining, maybe starting this club!!) what did u mean by this? are u starting a club for...
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    anyone from around kansas city?

    im in columbus nebraska, thats about 4.5 hours away.
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    how do u know if your car is rare?

    just curious, how do u know how desirable your car is? mine is a 1975 Rally Sport ------------------ Andy Frost age 15
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    Status on Motorplex

    hey thats the one in schibner right? i live in columbus. my friend and i go out there a lot. they have friday night races and u can enter your car into different divisions. like me and my friend are gonna b in the highschool division. ------------------ Andy Frost age 15
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    anyone close tonebraska here. i got a question

    if there is anyone here from nebraska perferably, im wondering around how much for a 4bbl carburator? it would be great if someone had and extra one they want to get rid of. thanks frosty
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    Where is everyone

    Columbus Nebraska. just got a 75 RS. Needs alittle work (cosmetic). will post pics of the car during restoration. ------------------ Andy Frost age 15
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    75'maro Rally Sport

    I just bought a 75 rs. I live in Columbus Ne. My Best friend Kenny bought a 79 Z28. His has a 400 ci engine that runs 3 inch headers and exhaust, he also has a new cam. Mine has a stock 350 ci. i havent really done anythin to it except sanding and priming. I turn 16 in october. as soon as my car...

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