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  1. KJZ28

    Flush Mount Trimless Glass

    You better apologize for your opinion! Lol, I understand your point of view. I like it both ways myself, it depends on the over all direction of the build.
  2. KJZ28

    Dash restoration shop in sourthern NY?

    There aren't even that many dash restoration shops in the country. It is a very involved process. I don't think your going to find one local. If you do they will be very expensive more than likely because its not there main business.
  3. KJZ28

    Welder in the Brewster, NY (Putnam County) area that can help me out?

    That sound like an awesome project. Love that you went with the BBC! I would love to check it out, my schedule is usually fairly flexible, so PM when you have free time and we can exchange contact information. Talk to you soon!
  4. KJZ28

    Only 13 Pro Stock cars for this weekend's Springnationals in Houston...

    Pro Stock only has Chevy involved at this point and NHRA keeps making ridiculous rules that are squeezing out the teams. I agree with muscl car, it will be dead in a few years.
  5. KJZ28

    Scammers got me

    I don't own a debit card because I had to many security professionals tell me not to.
  6. KJZ28

    Welder in the Brewster, NY (Putnam County) area that can help me out?

    Glad you got that taken care of. Do you have a "project progress" thread?
  7. KJZ28

    Well we done did it now...

    I always thought that was created for experimental purposes, never thought they would actually use it on an enemy target.
  8. KJZ28

    Selling Houses and hitting up car shows!

    Selling Houses and hitting up car shows!
  9. KJZ28

    5gen 2012 Camaro center console in my 1970

    That center console looks great in 1st, 2nd, and obviously 5th :) I wonder if it looks good in 3rd and 4th?
  10. KJZ28

    Ring Brothers 2nd Gen Billet Door Hinges NOW AVAILABLE

    Those look like they will never sag, nice!
  11. KJZ28

    New demon 840hp, 9.65 quarter and bad to the bone!

    3,300 units is a real production car. In 1969 only 1,163 Roadrunners were sold with the Hemi, if you throw in Chargers it adds only 621. Which means there are going to be more Demons made than multiple models with the same Hemi back then. 3,300 is a high volume performance package compared to...
  12. KJZ28

    UMI's Newest Test Vehicle- 1971 Camaro, Pro-touring Project

    Boy that is a nice build!
  13. KJZ28

    Welder in the Brewster, NY (Putnam County) area that can help me out?

    Hello, I am in Brewster is well. I will ask some people I know. I have a welder but my brother and I who use it are mere hobbyists.
  14. KJZ28

    new in town

    Trans Am and Camaro Cruise 3399 Crompond Rd Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Description: We are holding a cruise night for all years of Trans Ams and Camaros. We have a great bunch of guys and gals who stay in touch on Facebook. Our site is "Trans Ams and Camaros of the Hudson Valley". Join us every...
  15. KJZ28

    Two events coming soon!

    Early season car shows for the die-hard enthusiasts.
  16. KJZ28

    2015 All Camaro Parade May 17, 2015

    That seems cool!
  17. KJZ28

    ____Low Carbon____

    I hope you finish it. It is such a cool project, all your aesthetic choices are perfect.
  18. KJZ28

    Congrats Woody, your in Car Craft!!

    Probably should have put it in the BS Topic, more exposure.
  19. KJZ28

    Congrats Woody, your in Car Craft!!

  20. KJZ28

    lake george 2014 whos going?

    Thanks for sharing, cool rides!