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  1. 351maverick

    Summit Racing the new EBay?

    Summit didn't package that - the manufacturer did
  2. 351maverick

    Multiprocess Welder Thoughts / Recommendations? HF vs. ESAB

    OP if you've never needed a welder before you might not ever need one again...perhaps just have a welder buddy come over with a portable mig & do the work for you I DO think that everyone should have a welder for projects though...I have this dumb ass little Century flux core mig & it does...
  3. 351maverick

    Humidify the Home

    in all the bedrooms we have the cheap $15 Walmart humidifiers...they are simple water burners but they mist out about a half gallon of water every 6 hours or so I like point of use humidifiers since you'll need it most in the bedroom when you're sleeping
  4. 351maverick

    Let’s hear your thoughts…

    in your eyes that decent one is scrap it's only money
  5. 351maverick

    Snowing yet, Chuck?

    Erie got almost 2 FEET overnight I shoveled, no big deal we measure our snow accumulations in feet lol
  6. 351maverick

    70-Z28 Falling Priced

    lately DIFFERENT is cool! Camaros/Mustangs/tri5 Chevys are just boring
  7. 351maverick

    Labor costs

    young, unemployed with no legit professional experience I'd think you'd be lucky to get $20/hour sorry
  8. 351maverick

    the 305 engine

    305s were never horsepower motors...they're TORQUE motors the 100% stock TBI 305 in my daily driver 88 Firebird Formula is VERY fun to drive - it's surprisingly quick out of the hole on the street...after about 500 feet I'm toast but making torque down low is what makes a car fun on the street...
  9. 351maverick

    Seeking referrals for civil attorney re damaged Camaro

    original GM sheet metal stampings are not very straight to begin with I'd be willing to bet (assuming you blasted the entire body shell) that 95% of the metal is NOT warped why make yourself crazy over some board sanding time? ALL high end cars need a skim coat of filler anyway it's been 3...
  10. 351maverick

    Local scrap yards

    I'm in Erie...Pittsburgh is 2 hours south of me so yes, I'm close the term "scrap yard" is just that...scrap...junk metal any searching for that will be just a recycler the automotive junk yards/salvage yards etc around here don't have anything more than 10 years old - everything got...
  11. 351maverick

    Wow, ebay is a scam to sell with anymore

    so many of you guys have NO idea how Ebay works the Ebay Managed Payment platform holds your funds until they are released - this release can either be weekly (all of us choose this option) or daily once a week, at about 3am my time Tuesday morning, Ebay transfers the funds they've been...
  12. 351maverick

    Wow, ebay is a scam to sell with anymore

    full time ebay sellers like myself & about a dozen of my associates (many well over $100,000 in yearly sales) would very much DISAGREE that the fees are unreasonable how else are you going to sell something? Ebay provides all of the marketing (global marketing) all the shipping label printing...
  13. 351maverick

    Powder coating intake manifold

    don't powdercoat once it starts peeling there's nothing you can do...paint it with an aluminum engine enamel that way you can touch it up if need be
  14. 351maverick

    Black Friday Dewalt Deal

    I have the 3/8" anvil version...20V XR impact I use it with a pair of 5 AH batteries - they literally last forever the thing is a BEAST - I like the smaller one (3/8) for easier access in engine bays etc
  15. 351maverick

    Crotch rocket power

    man I'm glad it's winter here because you guys get me thinking....
  16. 351maverick

    Alcohol Detector In New Cars Within 3 Years

    it'll never happen
  17. 351maverick

    2023 ZO6 LT6 Normally Aspirated 670 HP 8600 Redline

    flat plane crank...just like the Mustang GT350 has....beginning in 2015...6 years ago lol
  18. 351maverick

    Gear Ratio Opinions OD transmission is a BIG job compared to a very simple rear gear swap easy to type it...thousands of $$$ to actually get it done OP I'd go with 3.08s in whatever carrier you have now (there's all kinds of conversion gears available to avoid buying more parts) any lower of a gear...
  19. 351maverick

    This pisses me off......

    so a guy looking at the OP's car is educated enough about late 2nd gen Camaro's to know about rope steering wheels and you have a problem with them asking a simple question? you my friend are the reason why a lot of people don't even want to go to car shows/cruise ins anymore chill out or...