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    Cowl Hood wiper washer nozzle location?

    Did you ever figure out a solution for this?
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    72 Door Panels?

    The panels for 70-71 should fit though, yeah? I know it wouldn't be correct for the year but I imagine the fitment would be the same?
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    72 Door Panels?

    What has anyone done when it comes to replacing the interior door panels for a 72? To the best of my knowledge, it seems like all 3 pieces aren't made anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Sanderson QP1200 Cast Iron Header

    Anybody ever used these before? Been doing some research and one site says they will fit a 70-92 Camaro but another site doesnt mention Camaros at all. Any body have any input? Will be used on a 72 sbc Camaro
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    Detriot Speed, Selecta Speed Wiper Kit

    thanks for all the replies. I might just have to go for it. Not too much fun when a wiper system is all that is keeping me from finishing this project up. who am I kidding though. They are never finished.:p
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    Detriot Speed, Selecta Speed Wiper Kit

    Has anybody used this? If so, what are you comments on it and do you have any pictures of what it looks like from the gauge cluster with the switch?
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    Detroit Speed, Selecta-Speed-Wiper Kit

    Has anybody used this? If so, what are you comments on it and do you have any pictures of what it looks like from the guage cluster with the switch?
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    wiper question

    i have a 72 rs with the recessed wipers. having lots of trouble and im about to break down and by a kit from detroit speed that has the motor, switch, wiring, and knob. has anyone used this set up from them? if so can you give me your feed back and possibly send pics? thanks
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    20 s on a camaro? any pics?

    mjoc i really like those can you give me your size and what type of wheels are those
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    wiper problems

    yeah i have the hidden wipers and i have the correct motor
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    wiper problems

    ok i really need help with this: 72 rs camaro my old wiper motor was blown and not working ordered a new motor low works but the squirt is always on and when you turn the switch to high it completely shuts off squirter is always on when it is switched to low whether or not you push it i...
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    ticking noise?

    my new motor (only 633 and half way between 2 and 3 tenths miles) has a lil ticking problem going on in the passenger side bank. i have replaced the rocker arms and studs, twice, lifters and push rods twice...and its still there any suggetions on what to do? its a comp cam hydralic cam and...
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    72 wiper switch

    looking for a 72 wiper switch,i need one bad. can't find one ebay, classic industries, or any place like that. help please
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    a couple of questions

    anyone know if 77-78 door panels will fall into place on a 72? and where can i find a wiper switch for a 72 i have tried npd..classic...and even ebay with no luck thanks
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    just a question

    recently started body work on my car and was anyone else kind of weary to see the old paint go i mean its not like i hated the color but i didnt want to keep it so i was kind of sad anyone else like that? anyone know where to get fender lips(if thats what they call them) to...
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    weird ticking noise

    i think i posted this once already but i cant find where i put it new small block chevy about 300 miles on it comp cam with hydralic lifters weird ticking noise is made when it heats up (louder than normal) i have replaced the rocker arms and studs...lifters once...and push rods...
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    ticky ticky noise?

    so just dropped in a new small block for my camaro....nothing wrong with it but after it warms up it makes a ticking noisy(louder than normal) and I cant figure out what it is i have replaced rocker ams...push rods.twice....and lifters....and stil making noise any suggestions on what it is...
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    under side of hood

    thanks for the tip should i use it with water or by its self?
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    under side of hood

    i am getting ready to paint the under side of my hood but how in the hell do i sand the damn thing sand paper works...on the flat spots so what do i use? i wanna get this done right because the main foucal point at this moment is the engine/engine compartment and i get the car...
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    Weld wanted

    nice maro wat is the name of this color called? i want to paint mine similar to this the color i have is 2003 ford laser red

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