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  1. chevyJeff1

    Whenn hood scoops go bad......

    Holy thread revival. I was a young guy when this topic first posted lol.
  2. chevyJeff1

    Rear-end vent?

    I’ve never heard of a diff without a vent. Like already mentioned might be concealed by dirt.
  3. chevyJeff1

    Tree Sap Remover

    Denatured alcohol and clean rag. Dissolves it immediately and will not harm paint.
  4. chevyJeff1

    What The Fabricated? Worst DIY Car Modifications

    No picture, but I once drove my C-10 almost 4 miles to a circuit city for a stereo install sitting on a 5 gallon bucket.
  5. chevyJeff1

    Even Hitler was upset...

    Brooks used Hitler as a regular punching bag. I can’t remember which movie it was where brooks had Hitler in a gay role, or gay tendencies. That’s a pretty big insult and was meant that way.
  6. chevyJeff1

    Free firewood anyone?

    Agree. Spit and delivered cords around here go for $200-$220. Im cheap and prefer to seek out free wood like neighbors that have downed hardwood trees from a storm etc. The local online marketplace is a good place to look for that. Marketplace is where I saw the above add and it’s funny how...
  7. chevyJeff1

    Free firewood anyone?

    Thought this was pretty funny. This local guy really took a beating in the comments. Click picture
  8. chevyJeff1

    The 1973 RS Camaro didn't have a endura nose or round parking lights......

    I Like him better when he’s junkyard crawling. Mopars seem to be his strong point as he spits out code numbers like a computer.
  9. chevyJeff1

    For those waiting for a Porsche...

    This puts CAR-B-Q on a whole new level.
  10. chevyJeff1

    My new Beretta LS swap RWD conversion 4.8/5spd

    Wow. I am thoroughly impressed!
  11. chevyJeff1

    Who is / was your favorite NASCAR driver ?

    Bobby Labonte’, when Pontiac was still in the game.
  12. chevyJeff1

    How much coffee do you drink ??

    6-8 cups a day was my normal for years. Then the caffeine really started to spike my blood pressure so I cut back to decaf. Well I was still getting pressure spikes so I’ve gone to drinking around 6 cups of decaf a week. Will quit completely if I have too. I like it, but I’m not going to die for...
  13. chevyJeff1

    Flying Car Spotted in Michigan

    And don’t forget flash ;)
  14. chevyJeff1

    The 2 word game

    Arrow head
  15. chevyJeff1

    The end of ‘21 and Betty white

    That was a hell of a run. R.I.P Betty..
  16. chevyJeff1

    Gas on the right coast.

    Anywhere from $3.19 - $3.50 gallon in the D.C metro area.
  17. chevyJeff1

    I guess I should be mad, but I find it hilarious

    Customer service is going away for sure. I actually had to search advanced calling. Lol I’m such a dinosaur with tech stuff. Not sure if you have Verizon stores out your way like around here, but if you do I would go there and ask them to fix it and do not leave until they do fix it. Good luck..
  18. chevyJeff1

    Poor 1970 Chevelle

    ^^^ That should be fun. I’ll take the C-10 behind it.
  19. chevyJeff1


    It’s crazy. For someone that watches too much crime tv, forensic files etc, the amount of cases I’ve seen where women hire hit men to wipe out their spouse and or families, or use poison to wipe them out is shocking.

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