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  1. Mr Sunshine

    Motor mount replacement

    I have reconditioned my clam shell plates for my 78 Z28 and putting in the Energy Suspension poly mounts. The directions supplied are not very clear which way these go. I think I have it correct, but would like other opinions to validate since I don't want to take these back off after I have...
  2. Mr Sunshine

    Rear seat belt bump modification

    Just thought I would share what I've done to get a wider rear tire on my 78. I want the widest tire I can get without doing mini-tubs. And since I'm doing a full restoration I didn't want to just hammer/flatten the seat belt bump. When searching for what others have done I found that they were...
  3. Mr Sunshine

    Leather seat covers

    Does anyone know where I can buy leather seat covers for my 78? Wanting basically same as stock, but leather material.
  4. Mr Sunshine

    Looking for 8.5" 10 bolt rear end differential rebuild options

    Have a 8.5" 10 bolt rear end in my 78 Z28. Have 3.42 gears and plan to stay with this gear I think, but wanting to change to a limited slip. Planning to replace entire rear end package. Have rebuilt my engine to a stroker with an expected 425 hp. Wanting some recommendations for typical street...
  5. Mr Sunshine

    Detroit Speed weld in subframe connectors

    I'm not sure if this is the best location for this subject, so let me know if I should post in another place. I'm installing Detroit Speed weld-in frame connectors on a 78. I have the car completely stripped down to a shell. I have floor cut and connector fits as it should so I'll weld it to the...
  6. Mr Sunshine

    Sub-frame bushing replacement

    Has anyone used Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing kit 3.4142G to replace sub-frame bushings? The core support and mid-point bushings are a tight fit over the sleeve, but the rear bushing is a loose fit. I've never done this before so I'm not sure if the loose bushing is correct to use. If...
  7. Mr Sunshine

    Painting Z28 strips vs. decal kit

    Does anyone have experience painting the 3-color strips (black,orange,yellow on mine) on a 78 Z28 that go pretty much completely around the car and around the hood scoop? Is this a reasonable thing to do? I'm not a painter so I will be having someone else do this. Would prefer to paint vs...
  8. Mr Sunshine

    Epoxy primer/sealer over etching primer?

    Need some help from experienced painters which I am not. I'm wanting to spray 2k epoxy on my firewall to seal everything, but have some etching primer already on a new DSE firewall plate. Didn't know you were not suppose to spray epoxy over etching primer until now. Anyway, my question is what...
  9. Mr Sunshine

    Removing trunk torsion rods

    Needing to know the best way to remove the trunk torsion rods. I made a tool I thought would work, but when attempting to rotate the rods I stopped because I was felt I was going to cause some denting under the tool. I was also applying side force with a small crow bar. Anyway I guess I just...
  10. Mr Sunshine

    Is a power brake booster needed with new 13" disc brakes?

    I've been noticing more restorations doing away with the brake booster when going to larger brakes. Talked to a guy last weekend that had 14" and said booster is absolutely not needed. He said he has also seen guys eliminate it with new 13". Does anyone have actual experience with eliminating...
  11. Mr Sunshine

    Inner rocker wire loom clip replacement

    Anyone know where I can buy the wire clips that sit on top of the rocker and hold the wire loom that goes to the rear of the car on a 78? I have one that is rusting and has come loose.
  12. Mr Sunshine

    Solid or tubular front sway bar?

    I'm upgrading my entire suspension on my 78 Z28 and just received the front sway bar and was surprised that it is a solid bar. It is a 1.25od and came as part of CPPs pro touring stage III kit. For some reason I thought that it was going to be a heavy wall tube like 1.25"od x .120 wall. My...
  13. Mr Sunshine

    Removing the hard seam sealer

    What's the best way to remove the hard white seam sealer between the cowl and the firewall?
  14. Mr Sunshine

    Door hinge pins and bushing replacement questions

    Just taking everything apart to replace hinge pins and bushings in my 78. When I removed the spring the "roller" bearing or detent bearing (not sure proper name) just fell out. Is this normal or is there another bushing required for it? And the spring I got from Speedway is shorter than the...
  15. Mr Sunshine

    2" wide leaf springs anyone?

    I came across a youtube video talking about using 2" wide leaf springs on a 2nd gen Camaro to get more tire clearance. Is anyone running them? Where can you get them? Thanks and the help is always appreciated. Frank
  16. Mr Sunshine

    To mini-tub or not?

    I'm wanting to run about a 11"+ wide tire in my 78 Camaro. Probably a 285 x 40R x 18 which is 11.2" wide. Prefer not to roll the lip or modify if possible. But I've read that the largest tire to run in a stock Camaro is 275 x 40R x 17 which is 10.8" wide. I did some measuring on my car and it...
  17. Mr Sunshine

    78 original paint, enamel or lacquer?

    Can someone tell me the type of paint the factory used on 78 Camaros? Don't know if it matters, but it's #51 yellow.
  18. Mr Sunshine

    Unknown wire at trunk rear

    When stripping all my wiring I found one that was never connected to anything. I'm think this was maybe a courtesy light, but I'm not sure. Anyone else know?
  19. Mr Sunshine

    Rear spoiler hold-down screw position

    Just removed my rear spoiler and noticed that one of the screws was installed out of center on the RH corner piece. The spoiler never quite lined up correctly with the main spoiler on the deck lid. Anyone know how these screws are held in the fiberglass? I would like to remove and reposition...
  20. Mr Sunshine

    Steering column rod: what is it?

    I'm removing everything from my 78 to recondition. Just pulled out the steering column and noticed a small rod about 3/16" diameter that goes to an electrical switch of some type. Can anyone tell me what exactly is this controlling? ,

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