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    Crossmember question

    Thank you kindly gents.
  2. J

    Crossmember question

    I am going back to manual trans as my car was originally a standard. I pulled the turbo 350 leaving the crossmember in place. Now I'm incredibly lazy,old and don't want to go under the car! Im putting in a suoer t10 from a c3 vette, so my question is. Can i put this engine and tranny back in...
  3. J

    73 RS in miami complete

    Not mine, $8000.00 resto candidate looks to be all there.
  4. J

    Stock GM manifold, sideway carb?

    Thanks gentleman..
  5. J

    Stock GM manifold, sideway carb?

    Wow that's neat. But still, how would the carb bolt on? I probably won't use the manifold but i do want to bolt a carb on the engine to run it and determine its health. Thanks.
  6. J

    Stock GM manifold, sideway carb?

    I felt inside and I would believe that a carb should go on it straight because then the runners in the left wiuld be fed.....but then if it's straight, the rear 2 barrels of the carb, the lower plate wouldn't open, it would be obstructed.
  7. J

    Stock GM manifold, sideway carb?

    I picked up this engine about 8 years ago and just getting to it now. This looks stock aluminum GM manifold but does it take the spreadbore sideways? Never seen one before...dual plane for sure. Thx.
  8. J

    Wtb. 71ish Zbar

    Looking for a Z bar for my 70 manual Camaro......seems mine has gone AWOL!!! Thanks Steven
  9. J

    Who would not drive this?

    I'm going to sell my cobra, which i never drive and buy one. I hope there is no upcharge and i can get the base model. I'll wait if i have to...finally we have a suitable kit car donor!!!
  10. J

    New Plasma cutter

  11. J

    New Plasma cutter

    Just wondering how thus has worked out for you, id like to buy one. May we have a review on it please? Much obliged...steven
  12. J

    This will bring you chills!

    To think we went from insurance regulations in the 70's to this today...... What a sound!
  13. J

    Green logic...

    Brilliant I say...brilliant! Diesel truck, gasoline generator.....
  14. J

    Vintage air removal

    I agree with eveyone here, they are correct. However, if you decide to yank it, if it is currently functioning, i would be interested in purchasing it. That should keep it. Steven.
  15. J

    1970 Camaro Z28 RS - Roger Penske Car

    Post a Price. Forum rules and guidlines
  16. J

    Please identify this

    If not vacuum then has to be charcoal for gas fumes...whats the other end going to?
  17. J

    Florida Bugs

    In response to the question.. ..soak em up good with WD 40 and a brush and they should come off.
  18. J

    Florida Bugs

    This Friday driving from Sarasota to Lauderdale!!
  19. J

    heres a headline i can agree with!!

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