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    Door/ window brackets

    im thinking the 69 verses gen 2s are bent different on the stop pads.
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    1st post! 70 RS Rear disc conversion Question

    dorman, i believe this is the standard stud, sortve in a rush here, but check this one out and i know they offer longer. how much longer do you need?
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    Smooth Door Handles

    search summit, they have thousands listed. if you dont find it there i dont think it exists.
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    Smooth Door Handles
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    dosent he like you?
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    1970 heater/ac box and controls for trade

    for a 1970 heater box, no ac and controls. want to trade only.
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    FL Sheriff wants you to shoot a B&E burglar

    and our leaders just approved another $165 million of ammo for the ukraine, chew on that one for awhile. April 26, 2022 By Kevin Stockard Highlights Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says the threat of nuclear war is real, as “NATO, in essence, is engaged in a war...
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    73 Instrument Cluster Case

    classic has these also, but some the molding of the part isnt stellar. like noted above, 1 type for gauges and another type for lights.
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    tool for the round washer nuts, if interested.
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    wanted to add my drivers side window was trashed from scratches, passenger side not to bad, bought some 3m glass polish, one bottle is enough for 3 life times,and been going at it, but to take scratches and haze out of glass im finding out the hard way, theres work and a lot of time involved...
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    this original type was in 1 of the 4 holes and was barely hanging in there. and both types come in sets of 2 or 4 and the parts manual says the cars use 4, so???|Model:Camaro&hash=item3b5b3afe75:g:THMAAOSwDvVa2N-8
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    these are not the original type but what was in 3 of the 4 holes in my windows and what i went with.
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    i see the bumper hole is empty on that piece in that back, in the far right picture, the original plastic bumper is a poor one and after time falls out easy, so hard to say if it was ever in there or not? but if your back brackets not in the door maybe the plastic bumper was never in there?? im...
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

    or it might be a tough neighborhood.
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    thats the way my 1971 original parts car was, just one on the front. but all the glass ive seen has a plastic bumper both front and back by the guide rollers.
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    your doors use 1 or 2 on each door?
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    ive seen doors with none of these, and one car with these brackets just in the front of the door, and the parts book says it uses 2 in each door, how are your doors set up? 1, 2, or none?
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    fabric dosent matter, going to put new fabric on whatever i use. thanks, let me know?
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    Outer Door Glass Tabs

    well i took some 14 gauge and made 4 of them, patted myself on the back but not very hard though. when i go together with the door guts i will have to see how they come into play. i believe the little round plastic bumpers in the glass rest against them when the window is all the way up.
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    Well, the Ebay tax is real.

    how im i going to be able to do drugs?:smokin:

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