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  1. third_edition

    What Ratio 4-speed?

    Hi, I didn't read the thread too closely, but if you haven't found a calculator yet... Put your numbers into the following equation (there are several examples)... ((1/rear end gear ratio) x (3.14 x tire diameter) x ((rpm / trans ratio) x 60))) / 63360 = speed (mph) Eg. for a car with...
  2. third_edition

    Length of horn contact pin

    BTW, you can easily rule out the relay... take a test light and check the 85 pin wire from the switch. If it stays lit - switch problem - if not you could have a problem with the relay. Funny story... I had a friend who liked to fool around - he would disconnect the brake pedal switch wire and...
  3. third_edition

    Length of horn contact pin

    Double check the way you have hooked up the relay, a five pin (SPDT) will have pin 87A (Normally Closed) which closes the circuit when the relay is "un-energized" (you have not engaged the horn button). Pin 87 is the correct one to be using (Normally Open). Note, I am not sure what you are...
  4. third_edition

    74/75 IROC Camaros - Type of Cage & Source

    I like your idea and have been thinking along the same lines myself (just sort of planning it all out right now). I am looking more at the Trans Am series that ran in the late 60's and early 70's. You can still get all the rules from the SCCA as they have a Vintage racing series that includes...
  5. third_edition

    12 Bolt Rear End Condition/Rebuild Questions

    You might try Yukon, I know they sell clutch packs and I have ordered parts from them with good success (although that was a few years back). Also bought parts from Randy's R&P (they sell Yukon as well as other manufacturers parts) - make sure all of your bearings are either made in USA or...
  6. third_edition

    302 vs 350

    Just a note... read up on late 60's and early 70's Trans Am racing. This helps to explain what the Z28 (and Boss 302 on the Ford side) was really designed for - eg. up until 1970, the maximum displacement was 305 Cu. in., but in 1970, the SCCA allowed vehicles to run larger displacement engines...
  7. third_edition

    How old is the antifreeze in your engine?

    Just throwing this in... I spent some time doing research on antifreeze for an older resto I was doing. I was very concerned with issues of corrosion having multiple dissimilar metals in the engine cooling circuit (brass, copper radiator; aluminum heads; iron block and stainless steel water...
  8. third_edition

    4 speed transmission identification

    Hi, Sooo, based on your numbers, you have a: 13-52-066-923 83-87 Camaro - Firebird NON-WC (Tremec 5 speed). The "5th" gear on these transmissions is an overdrive gear that is not actually in the case with the rest of the gear cluster. I wouldn't buy anything else from the guy who told you...
  9. third_edition

    Gear Ratio Opinions

    Hi, I have a bit of compassion for your situation... I own a chevelle with an M22 and 4.56 gears (it started out as a track machine). A couple of things: Is this car your daily driver or just a "weekend special" and do you use it for a lot of long trips on the highway? Pick your gears...
  10. third_edition

    T-Tops and Hard Top Structural Differences

    Hi, If you don't care about the back window, I would find a nice T-Top car and then convert to a 70 - 73. My reasons for doing this are: You get the integrity of a factory chassis T-Top (that will take away a lot of your worries); A 70 - 73 car will have a small rear window which, although...
  11. third_edition

    1970 camaro Rotisserie mounting attachment

    I also used the bumper attachment for mine - had the subframe (and everything else) off.
  12. third_edition

    4 speed shifter

    There is a reason why my 1970 Z28 m22 came from the factory with a Hurst shifter...
  13. third_edition

    New lower gears, NO Performance change

    I typically drive stick cars, but one of the big differences I find with lower gears is that it gives me a better handle on tire slippage. If your tires are spinning, your car is not accelerating - tall gears can actually cause the tires to "break loose" easier than lower gears - if you keep on...
  14. third_edition

    Pick Your Poison

    Easy on the Mopars... My first car was a 1968 Dodge Monaco 4 dr HT with a 440 magnum (said 375HP on the air cleaner). I bored it .60 over, put in a Crane 3/4 race cam, added a Holley 750 DP and ran it with a hacked up pair of cheap headers. One day this guy in his factory stock 69 Z-28 (yah...
  15. third_edition

    Advise needed on broken posi

    Hi BC, Just a few notes on rebuilding this type of rear end... Setting the Pinion depth is a PIA as you have to continually press the bearing on and off as you "trial and error" fit it. Something I have discovered is that several companies make special bearings that are "slip" fit instead...
  16. third_edition

    Should I, a newb, build my own engine

    Hi, Do yourself a big favour... do not spend a nickel on that engine until you know exactly what it will need to make it run properly. I have done many engines in the past and the one big thing I have learned is that they can be relatively simple or turn into a "money pit". So how...
  17. third_edition

    High RPM at highway speeds

    Hi Sunny, Look at the numbers and then get a table or some software to determine what rpm you should be at for the speed you are going... 1978 Z28 (stock) would have: - 185HP small block (max. HP @4000 rpm) - you could rev it higher but to "diminishing returns" so to speak. - 4 spd. close...
  18. third_edition

    Vent holes in my new ful quarters are too large

    I actually bought them through NPD,and it has been several years but I only discovered the problem recently - I am not sure how they would react. Besides, up here in Canada, we have a border which makes moving auto parts back and forth extremely painful (expensive). I once shipped some parts...
  19. third_edition

    Vent holes in my new ful quarters are too large

    Thanks to everyone for their advice! I think I might have a 50/50 chance of being able to do this as it will be off the car and I can use a heat sink from behind while I am welding.
  20. third_edition

    Vent holes in my new ful quarters are too large

    I have attached photos of my quarter panels (new & original)

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