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  1. 69LM1

    1970 Camaro Z28 RS - Roger Penske Car

    Edited Ad.
  2. 69LM1

    1970 Camaro Z28 RS - Roger Penske Car

    Original Roger Penske "Day 2" 70 Z28/RS Camaro, NCRS paperwork proving Penske as the dealer, NOM Motor and Tranny. Nice build on motor. Penske providence is cool. In the era of Baldwin Motion, Dick Harrell et al, this Penske Z28 stands out. $36,500.00 As someone on one of the car sites said...
  3. 69LM1

    Interesting new skin.

    Test....... Looks good.
  4. 69LM1

    Insurance ( i know this comes up every now and then)

    I use Jackie and Tamara at MK Insurance Agency (American Modern is the carrier). Had one claim when a tire came off a 69 Camaro vert I had, no issues with the claim at all. They are a sponsor at the site I was paying 195.00 per year on the 69...
  5. 69LM1

    Cajun Navy.

    My crew and I went up that Sunday night with a deuce, hummer and a flatboat. Got the runaround from the cops and red cross (wanted us to go through a 12 hour course, the next day, prior to helping). The fire chief in Denim Springs called BS, said they were trying to rescue people with grass...
  6. 69LM1

    Freaking cops just broke down my door !!!!

    BIMEbKJC0Tc Rich
  7. 69LM1

    More Police Shootings

    Happening less than 46 miles from me. 3 dead and 3 wounded. What is not being reported in the MSM, is that just yesterday was the official kickoff of the New Black Panther party Baton Rouge chapter. More than...
  8. 69LM1

    My new ride..... back from a stang

    PM me, we are hoping to land a major contract at the LNG plant in Sabine Pass. We won the bid on qualifications and are working price now. Some of the tech work will be sourced from Houston. Rich
  9. 69LM1

    My new ride..... back from a stang

    It was very close. I am still impressed with the wife's CTS V-Sport (pic above). Luxury and performance in one package. I can only imagine how the full V performs. In the end, I really liked the looks of the vette in White and when I threw that number out and the salesman bit...... Well...
  10. 69LM1

    My new ride..... back from a stang

    I don't know what the best markets are, but if you can find an oil field worker laid off you can but a 102k Z06 for about 77k :innocent: I'd check the major oil market towns (which is what I did) Rich
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    My new ride..... back from a stang

    Not really, at the time the Boss302 was nice. It's like blonde, brunette or redhead :). I also considered the Caddy V, my wife has the VSport, and it was close. I just think that GM finally nailed it (for me anyway) with the styling of the new vette. It is a beast. Can't wait to get it on...
  12. 69LM1

    My new ride..... back from a stang

    So, the Boss 302 left the barn last year. Ever since Brett hooked me up on a vette rental in Houston, I've wanted one. I finally got one yesterday. Flew into Houston and drive it home last night. 2015 Z06, Z07 w/ Carbon Pkg, 3LT. 11,500 miles, just broken in! Whats some good resources on...
  13. 69LM1

    Evelbay L78

    Same here as Darren, my old L78 camaro was traded (plus $) towards a 69 COPO for the equivalent of $42,000.00 or so. I could never get that much $ for it in a cash offer. Not as nice as Darren's, but 100% original down to the fuses in the fusebox. Rich
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    Are there any good free anti virus programs out there?

    Avast has my vote. Rich
  15. 69LM1

    Daughter bagged her first deer!

    That's awesome. Great dad! That's some memories right there. Rich
  16. 69LM1


    Great....... The original Star Wars had a racist in it. :rolleyes: Rich
  17. 69LM1

    That ime of year again.. Yeti/Penguin game..

    And..... It's that time again. 1,042.7 :) Rich
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    San Bernardino in the National news

    For the record..... Abraham Lincoln's civil war did not end slavery in the USA. It only ended it in the south. It was still perfectly legal to own slaves in the north for some time. It was not until the Emancipation that it was abolished. Rich
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    What happened to Nasty z ??

    Wow..... seems like several check in often and like Santa, are keeping a list and checking it twice. Just too afraid to actually join a discussion and debate without the ability to bully a mod into banning speech they dont like I guess. Rich
  20. 69LM1

    What happened to Nasty z ??

    As a correction, was created with Mike's blessing, nothing "rogue" about it so stop your bitchin' about what others do on another site that does not affect you. You and several others are just pissed because you cannot bully your way into getting that moderated. And fwiw, I...

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