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  1. M Patrick

    To rain gutter or not to....

    It is entirely up to you. I feel that rain gutters serve a very functional purpose and the added chrome makes the car look better in my opinion.
  2. M Patrick

    1977 Z28 Original

    It is only original once, clean up the engine bay and enjoy. Great car!
  3. M Patrick

    1972 RS survior

    Beautiful car, deserves to stay original!
  4. M Patrick

    My 1978 Type

    Great looking car! Enjoy the journey.
  5. M Patrick

    1978 Camaro Restoration

    Look forward to seeing the photos, great story!
  6. M Patrick

    1981 Z28 Project

    Good looking project, look forward to seeing it come together!
  7. M Patrick

    Back in the day scanned pics of your cars -lets see them

    I had a thing for El Camino's:
  8. M Patrick

    Should I go with POR15 or not? Any suggestions?

    I have used POR15 on 10 different cars over the past 15 years and have had great results. Used it on the floor pan of my off road VW Thing inside and out and no peeling for 5 years. Yes wear gloves, hat, glasses... it is very hard to get off skin!
  9. M Patrick

    Original '71 value

    Very well bought, a good looking original.
  10. M Patrick

    78 Z28 Survivor

    Great story and a perfect first car!
  11. M Patrick

    Bilstein Shocks Question!

    Would not worry about the warranty on the Bilsteins, I not only have them on my 1978 Camaro I also have them on my 1974 VW Thing that I use mostly off road and have not had any problems with the shocks over the past 4 years.
  12. M Patrick

    Centering Rear Axle

    I rolled my fender on the passenger side due to the larger rims and tires to get the clearance verses centering the rear end.
  13. M Patrick

    1979 Z28 Black amd Orange

    Great job, paint and interior works very well together.

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