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    Cool Desert Nights

    Any Camaros from this site going to be at Cool Desert Nights Saturday? Saw about four at the Dairy Queen Thursday.
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    Recoditioning Interior Bare Metal

    I had bead blasted a stock shifter once an it looked great an clear coated. However going for a proper (I didn't just bead blast it) look I found a better solution that gives a more accurate finish. Today while browsing ebay for what the e brake assembly goes for I found a NOS E Brake Lever...
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    1970 - 81 Camaro Toe Board Lower Firewall Extension

    Was hoping they where gonna come out with toe board sections an here they are. 1970 - 1981 Camaro LH Toe Board Lower Firewall Extension with Center Hump Front Floor Pan Repair 1970 - 1981 Camaro RH Toe Board Lower Firewall Extension with Center Hump Front Floor Pan Repair
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    Reconditioned Black Plastic

    As with others I have searched for ways to clean the textured black plastic interior pieces. This post is will show what I come up with an products used. Washed the part with warm water in my bathtub. I used dish soap on other plastic an it looked like it was bleaching the part. Since I wasn't...
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    1974 - 1975, 1980 Radiator Coolant Overflow Bottle Cap

    Just got my bottle cap an was disappointed to see it was white an not transparent. It looked like there are to versions being sold so I thought I was getting the right one from camaro central based on the photo they used. The transparent one seems to be made by OER an what CC sent wasn't OER...
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    1974 - 1977 Camaro Lower Grille.

    Just happened to go to an saw they're finally reproducing the lower grill for big bumper cars. Not to bad at $75 either. Have silver an black.
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    DTP RACEWARS 1/4 mile drag racing event

    DTP RACEWARS is a organized 1/4 mile drag racing event held on a private airstrip in Royal City WA. Food, vendors and fun for all the family! $30 for Racers $5 spectators and $40 for 2 Dyno pulls and a print out. Saturday Apr 18 at 10:00am
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    Dash Carrier Assembly, 75 1976 - 78 77 Camaro Gauge Bezel /w de-fog 365645

    Started listing some parts of a 78 I just purchased. More to follow.. Dash Carrier Assembly, 75 1976 - 78 77 Camaro Gauge Bezel /w de-fog 365645 1975 - 1978 76 77 Camaro Washer Wiper Switch 1994176 78-81 Camaro Firebird Front Outer Floor Seat Belt Cover 72 76-79 Camaro...
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    77 door VIN decal

    Is there anyone I can get to retype the information on a 77 door VIN decal? I'd like to find someone who understands how it's done an able to type it in. Have a lead of a print shop that has the equipment, but would rather trust someone from here.
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    Under hood black paint

    I'm looking for black under hood paint to at least match the finish for an air cleaner. I tried using Eastwood's satin chassis black, but it is too flat. Might have to do with it was so thick I thinned it 30% with acetone. Otherwise the paint just globed out of the (1.4)tip an went on textured...
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    Scott_H '77 Camaro

    I made the decision to do the repaint part of my Camaro early 2013. Now I've finally started to get somewhere an so I'm gonna get a thread started for it. I made a video to bring the project up to where I'm at now with starting the restoration. I started off by...
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    Trunk Lid & Hinge Alignment

    Wow guess I haven't been on in awhile. Well I'm finally getting somewhere with restoring my 77 just epoxied the shell an trunk lid. Wanted to get a start on alignment an put my trunk lid on. My question is the front corner sits pretty low, to much to use a shim (which I think was in it before)...
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    My current ebay stuff

    Hey guys, I have some things listed on ebay. Trying to get some extra cash to pay the bills. What might interest someone from here is the two points distributors, the pure power reusable oil filter. Thanks
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    What's this sound like?

    Went racing over the weekend an second pass I had a sound an not sure what it was. Slowed me down an you can see the front of the car drop. Happens second pass about the 60foot mark (4 loud knocks), cuase both 60ft where 1.78. I think I have a lean problem plugs still looked white as new. Guy at...
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    Anyone going to Renegade Raceway sat?

    Anyone going to Renegade this saturday? I'm going for the time trials but this event looks like it might bring in cars from upstate. GAMBLERS CHAMPIONSHIP
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    My fuel pump leaks oil...

    Well I got an odd problem. I found out my fuel pump is leaking oil out of some sorta weep hole in the back of the neck. I pulled it off to inspect an quite abit still poored out. So does anyone know of this problem an does this mean I need a new fuel pump or can take it apart an seal it? I would...
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    Going to Renegade for Sat day

    Going to go up to Renegade Saturday day, going with coworker with his mustang. I know Mustang, but he has probably less in his whole 12 second car than I have in my mild big block. Didn't have my Camaro ready for the 1/4 mile just yet, but soon. Maybe I'll see some Camaros up there, haven't...
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    Swapping in BB (pics)

    I wanted to gt back to using this forum so thought I'd start by posting some pictures of my BB engine swap. Not in just yet but I had it set down in for a test fit an man what a feeling. Going back out tommorow to see how the headers fit down through. I've heard stories about needed to beat...
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    Drum brake 2.56 open rearend complete

    I'm checking to see if anyone in tri city area wants my old rearend. Complete drum, open 2.56 gear rearend with new OEM brake lines an parking brake cables. My local chevy yard would only give me $20 credit for it even though I just bought one from him for $400 that took $700 to rebuild. So I'd...
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    Water Temp Sensor for World S/R Heads?

    Is there an electric water temp sensor that will fit in my World Products S/R head? Since these are considered stock replacement heads I'm hopeing to find a sensor that'll work with my stock temp guage. My old 305 heads used a large diameter sensor an these S/R heads take a small one. Thanks...