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  1. vernonwright

    73 camaro

    i just bought this car 73 and needing advice on the build i am looking to do everything here i cant find were to post pictures and info
  2. vernonwright

    rear end

    i was woundering if i can take a 79 camaro rear end and put the hole thing under my 73 camaro
  3. vernonwright

    i nned help fixing my 73

    does any one have a book on building a 73 i need hep runing the wireing does any one got a build book on this
  4. vernonwright

    73 car

  5. vernonwright

    73 car

    iam looking for a rear tail spoiler any one got one let me know
  6. vernonwright

    Looking for 73 parts

    I am looking for the rear spoiler
  7. vernonwright

    73 car

    does any one know how many felts in the door and were to get windshield gasket and rear gasket
  8. vernonwright

    73 car right fender

    i need right front fender bad nos or taken off a car no body filler
  9. vernonwright

    73 car right fender

    i need one for passanger side nos or a old good fender taken off a car no filler if you are far away got to ship it if you a couple hundred miles i come pic it up
  10. vernonwright

    73 car

    i bought me a 73 does it got to have smog and cats on it
  11. vernonwright

    73 car

    i just got a 73 what does the console look like for a 73 car any one have a pic so i can see what to look for thank you
  12. vernonwright

    73 car

    looking for a passenger side front fender no rust or filler
  13. vernonwright

    73 car

    i am looking for a 73 passenger front fender
  14. vernonwright

    73 car

    ineed some fenders for a 73 car or a place to buy theme that will really fit
  15. vernonwright

    Car 71

    Looking for a automatic console black
  16. vernonwright

    Want to put power brakes on my 71

    What all is needed and were is good place to get this
  17. vernonwright

    350 for sale,rebuilt complete

    All new every thing starter.water pump fuel pump new distbuter plug wires and plugd I am asking 400 for the motor. I am in tazewell va
  18. vernonwright

    rust help

    What is best I have hurd p o. R or east would
  19. vernonwright

    400 for sale va

    It is a good motor for a simple rebuild .is not nocking needs rings I am asking 400 for it
  20. vernonwright

    engine for sale 450

    ItIt is complte it is fresh rebuild it is 4 barrel you can message me I am in va 24639 it is bone stock from a 70 camao has intake every thing starter alnator. I may let my 650 double pumper and in take perfomer. Motor was built to 70 spects. I also have a 400 small block need rebuilt all clean...