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    Edd and Mike going there separate ways (Wheeler Dealers)

    The most disturbing part of this whole deal is that mike and his family are now getting death threats. Tf
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    Anyone else just not give a crap about the World Cup?

    i only follow the wc when it comes to soccer. and for any spaniards reading this message.. does it hurt? i hope so :p
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    Don't drink and drive...wrecked '14 Corvette Convertible!

    wow that bumper looks scratched.
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    Old Car Memories

    Maybe someday.... probably... n3v3r... one can always hope
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    What do you guys do for work?

    Why ? :confused: :eek: I have never heard of air pressurized cables and since it's kinda my job... i really want to know ...why!! What the heck does it accomplish? besides being an awfully complicated and fail sensitive system?? As far as i know we do not have any system like that here in...
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    What do you guys do for work?

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    What do you guys do for work?

    Project engineer cables & conduits. We build roads, concrete structures etc.. guess who gets to worry about the cables which are conveniently placed exactly where the roads or bridges need to be build. So we start like this And we end like this (ideally) And prevent all costs...
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    my Father passed away

    Wow, I'm sorry for your loss Prayers sent!
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    looks like i got my boy a puppy

    Growing up we had two beagles and neither of them barked like an idiot...we thought them that from an early age. Both of em are already parents now have a black lab and a beagle...same story... Neither barks like a retard... they hardley ever bark Beagles are smart dogs with a mind...
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    Stupidest stinking tv programming

    Anyone ever seen a show called 'alphas' ? It was a "syfy original" show... a god story with a lot of potential and (for syfy )VERY good actors. They cancelled it for no apperant reason at all, kinda like firefly.... They have a hunch for good shows...
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    Need meds?

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    Stupidest stinking tv programming

    Still, could be worse........
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    Ford techs... wierd issue

    I think i found the reason for your trouble, see picture below
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    Gran turismo 6?

    I am a gran tourismo fan from day one....BUT.... GT6 is completely ruined!! it kinda hurt when i started playing it, and realised that you NEED: -A playseat -A logitech G27 steeringwheel and pedals (OR BETTER!!!!) If you do not have a profesional setup like i described, it just won't...
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    Anyone have a badass gokart or ideas for one?

    hayabusa 1300 comes to mind
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    F'in people!! Damn drunk!!!!

    next stop..home depot I guess their truck only went in
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    Goat Simulator.

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    Goat Simulator.

    In the middle is :)
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    Flying with a firearm

    Flying with a firearm ;)
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    10 Of the coolest weapons ever.....

    On the matter of the minigun: Aaaand of course the US navy has the railgun