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  1. sevitz5

    1970 Camaro 350 4 speed Project

    Well its official. My car sold at Mecum Harrisburg for $32,000 in the bid goes on area. I was kinda sad to see it go, but at the same time I wanted something that me and the wife could jump in and go across the country if we wanted, so we bought a C6 Corvette. Here is a link to Mecum auction...
  2. sevitz5

    Considering selling my 70 lsx 6 speed

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  3. sevitz5

    Considering selling my 70 lsx 6 speed

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] It is a 6.0 lsx motor with a T56 6 speed . Car is completely restored. Interior is all new. Autometer gauges. Tuned by Big 3 Racing 400hp at the wheels. Paint is flawless. 200 miles since completely restored. Needs nothing except to be driven. Hotchkis suspension.
  4. sevitz5

    Considering selling my 70 lsx 6 speed

    Just wanted to add that you can't do everything that I have done to my car for the money I am asking.
  5. sevitz5

    Considering selling my 70 lsx 6 speed

    I am putting this out there......looking to sell my baby...I have found something else I want. I am willing to take $26,999 for my car. If you want to know whats done to it , please look through my build thread in my signature. I have done so much to this car that it would be hard to list it...
  6. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    Shocks still available
  7. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    ?????????? Guess he was just curious if I had
  8. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    I still have the shocks
  9. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    Bumping for the shocks. I know that KYB aren't as good as Koni, Bilsteins, etc....but they are way better than the Auto parts store brands.
  10. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    Body mounts sold.....bump for the shocks
  11. sevitz5

    Idea for a backyard paint booth??

    If the tent you were looking at is only $107 shipped, buy 2 now you have a 20x30 for only around $220.
  12. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    Saturday bump
  13. sevitz5

    FS: Cleaning The Garage

    I will take the new park lamp gaskets and the accelerator pad. Thanks....shipping to 45863
  14. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    Bump.....if prices too high make offer
  15. sevitz5

    Subframe mounts and shocks

    I have a set of rubber subframe mounts and hardware used to assemble car only. $25 shipped to lower 48. [/URL][/IMG] Front shocks...KYB less than 500 miles. I switched to adjustable. All mounting hardware included. $55 shipped to lower 48 [/URL][/IMG]
  16. sevitz5

    Getting with front tire rub

    Just an update.....tire rub is fixed. I installed my solid body mounts from Keith at Custom Works, it was better but still there. I just finished installing the Global West shim and putting on Koni adjustable shocks and the rub is gone!!! I am soooo glad. I took it around the block a few times...
  17. sevitz5

    Bearing cup removal

    Use a big socket and give them a good wack. I have heard that when you install the new race...put it in the freezer for a day before installing. It helps it go in.
  18. sevitz5

    Shock guru's help me adjust my Koni's

    I understand how to adjust them (compress them and turn) what I don't understand is what I am adjusting. I have the 8040-1017 classics. I am having some issues with my fenders rubbing my tires when getting out of the gas. Do I want the shocks set stiffest to minimalize this or softest? I know...
  19. sevitz5

    Koni 8040-1017 front shocks

    Ordered these today from Jegs.....hope they are here tomorrow.