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  1. Dans79

    Rear fender flares

    Looking for 100.00 , these are for the rear and they're OEM. Shoot me a text if interested. Dan 303-668-9035
  2. Dans79

    79 Camaro lower dash question.

    I'm starting to redo the inside of my Camaro. I bought this OEM lower dash but when I went to install it, it doesn't match. Notice the outward insert that appears to light up. As you can see , my lower dash piece has been cut, that's why I'm replacing it.
  3. Dans79

    79 Camaro Z28 front grill emblem question

    So I've seen several photos of this year body style with either the badge look emblem, or the Z28 emblem lower passenger side. First, from what I can see the 79 Camaro Z28 had the center badge correct? I'm not sure how the badge/emblem is mounted or held on by. I've seen a emblem holder on...
  4. Dans79


    So I paid someone to do some wiring bc I know it's my weaker side of me. They said that I had two many things running to my steering column and that it was affecting my MSD voltage/ignition. So they ran my electric fuel pump and ignition to a separate toggle switch to another main power...
  5. Dans79

    Cragar 15x7

    So got these for 150 minus center caps which I'll get. For now I'll keep them all 15x7 till I buy some rear 15x8 or 10's. So the tires on the back are a little to small for my liking I believe 245/60/15. How much bigger/ aggressive could I go with looking silly on a 7" wheel.
  6. Dans79

    Will these fit 79 stock front and back

    Will these fit a stock 79 Camaro z28 with stock suspension.
  7. Dans79

    Will these fit?

    79 Z28 stock front/ rear setup, not fender roll. 245-45zr17 tires 17x8,bolt pattern 5x4.75 5x120.7 rims Thanks in advance Dan
  8. Dans79

    Rear fender skirts

    So I've noticed that most 79 Camaro z28 only have the front fender skirt, or if they have the rear one it's facing towards the front. Mine is facing towards the back?
  9. Dans79

    79 Camaro Z28 rear wheel fitment?? Will these fit?

    Will this size tire fit a stock rear end, without having to roll the rear fenders. 15x8 rims on P275/60R15 Rear Tires
  10. Dans79

    Weld wheel setup

    Guys by this time tomorrow, yours truly will be a proud owner of a 79=) It has 15" all the way around now, but considering doing 16/16 or 17/16. I would really like to do Weld racing wheels all the way around. I really like the ones with the holes in them... My question is what size and...

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