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    Mecum Seattle L78 going across

    -1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS- Matching numbers L78 396/375 HP engine Muncie M20 4-speed manual transmission 12 bolt Positraction rear end One of 600 built with the L78 solid lifter engine L78 callout on the cowl tag Cortez Silver exterior Factory correct tachometer and gauges Correct AM/FM...
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    1970 RS/SS 350 on EBay

    Looks flawless to me. Was a turbo 400 offered on a 350/300 horse?
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    Great Muscle Car Trivia Muscle Cars 62-72 Sticky
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    Tire Pressure Decal Code BW

    Anyone need a BW tire pressure decal for 1970 SS. For mid April and later build dates. PM me
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    For you nature lovers- Falcon nesting in tree
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    Front Driver side blinker/Hazard not blinking

    I have isolated the problem as noted above with headlights on or off. Parking light works but not the blinker. Bulb is OK- verified by test light. I don't think I am getting power to the front driver side parking light socket when I turn left blinker on and have test light connected to a ground...
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    Super Chevy Car Show in March
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    Sweet 71 Big Block on Ebay
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    Hey guys, Looked at some old threads on this but still need assistance. -Engine is turning over but not starting. -Wanted to make sure distributor wires were on cap correct. So pulled #1 plug and had wife turn it over until I felt the compression in #1 cylinder with finger. - The...
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    Distributor Cap not locking

    Question: I am pretty novice at car repair but trying anyway. I bought a new distributor cap for the 350 chevy and the two screws that lock the cap to the distributor are not turning enough to engage the screw to go down and lock the cap to the distubutor . I have tried the move the cap...
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    Pics of my 70 Camaro shipped today
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    Muscle Car Magazine

    Muscle Car Review - Scott Kiehne's L78 Camaro is shown and described on the current newstand issue. Congrats on winning the 1970-1972 class Scott!
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    1970-1973 Camaro Video -
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    1970 RS Interior?? Is this interior correct for an RS/SS?? Thanks
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    08A Build date for sale on Ebay

    What week did production end for 1970?
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    1970 Camaro SS Factory PO1 Wheel Covers? anyone see these wheel covers on camaro's from factory?
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    2012 Camaro ZL1 Burnout
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    Partial VIN location for Transmission Is the partial VIN for trans next to partial vin on engine. see attachment.
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    CTW L34 engine

    Can anyone confirm whether the 1970 CTW engine (automatic) was high performance as per 1970-1975 Chevrolet by the Numbers book. I thought the L34 was a 2 bolt main. Thanks
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    Missing emblem on trunk?

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