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  1. biker

    Lower steering column bearing

    Last time I replaced those things in the 80's they were a crappy rubber bushing. Now I know this probably isnt exactly the Caramilk secret to some of you guys, but a couple of companies make a real bearing for it now! I bought one from a company called Crown. Nice piece,better than the...
  2. biker

    Upper rad hose, 81 Z

    Anyone know if there is a proper existing part number for the upper rad hose for an 81 Z? The one I got locally a few years ago gets from point a to b, but part of it crosses right over the hard lip of the fan shroud. Definitely not a factory fit. Parts places around here all come up with the...
  3. biker

    Closer to complete.

    Big thanks to Nasty member knightslax9 for the Z28 grille badge my car has been missing for years.
  4. biker

    Detroit Speed steering box

    Anyone have any experience with or opinions on the Detroit Speed 090204DS 600 steering box? I put a reman cardone box in a few years ago. It was good for a couple years, but noticed play in it at the end of last year. Not wanting to mess with another reman, and from what I see, DS makes good...
  5. biker

    Aftermarket dash

    I've read the older dash threads. Does anyone have any recent experience with a new aftermarket dash for a 79-81 dash? I can get an OER dash here in Canadia. Just not sure what the quality is like. I'm even willing to go with a dash cover for now if there is a decent one out there.
  6. biker

    More cold

    -36c again this morning, 5th day in a row here for temps in the -30's. It's funny how you adapt though, if I think of this weather in the middle of summer, I want to puke. However, when you see how beautiful and clear it is, I can't wait to be outside. Put over 100 miles on my snowmobile...
  7. biker

    "Gold Member" status disappeared?

    I upgraded last week, and had the "Gold Member" tag beside my profile pic for a few days, but it's gone now. Does that mean my t-shirt got canceled too?
  8. biker

    Big bore short stroke SBC dyno vid

    Very nice basic build with pretty good results. Nothing fancy. How does so much compression with such a tame cam and 87 octane not blow the tops off the pistons?? Maybe Vortec heads are even better than we think. Although, not lots of operating temp on the dyno. They used a solid roller and...
  9. biker

    Old Camaro ad

    I'm sure you guys have seen this, but I thought it was cool. My son found it and sent it which I thought was even cooler.
  10. biker

    New design cylinder head

    Not for everyone, but looks good for big inch, high rev small blocks.
  11. biker

    Add a knock sensor to (almost) anything

    When I say almost anything, mostly speaking in the context of our cars/engines using a typical magnetic pickup distributor. Video is a bit repetitive, but done well, and a great idea for those with engines that might be on the edge with timing and compression. I might try and dig up the parts...
  12. biker fast is this car?

    How much poop made it to his shorts with that horseshoe wedged up there?
  13. biker

    632 crate big block Drops mic...
  14. biker

    Stroker LS thoughts

    I have collected enough parts to start considering what to build. Iron 6.0 block which will go .030 over, but my decision is what to do for stroke. I can go with a 4" crank and make it a 408 c.i. stroker or stickmwith stock stroke. I have read that a 4" strokenis too much for an LS and...
  15. biker

    Identify this cam

    This flat tappet hydraulic cam was in the low mile 290 hp GM crate 350 that came with my 81Z. Son and I pulled the engine apart yesterday. I'm sure the cam is not stock, but all I could find was a faint stamping on the back of the rear journal. Anyone recognize the stamping? To my eye, it looks...
  16. biker

    Deadlift for reps challenge

    Rogue is an international fitness company that holds these challenges to flog their products. This was a good one. Deadlift 315 pounds as many times as possible in 2 minutes. So far, I'm tied for 59th with 35 reps. Bottom of page 3, first guy at 35 reps...
  17. biker

    Gotta watch this....

    The Sheriff at the end is the BEST.
  18. biker

    If you were my right front shock...why would you break?

    Out for a cruise today to try out the new rear leafs. Going slow on a side road, maybe 40 mph and hit a normal sized pothole, nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing any car shouldn't be able to handle. Heard a big clunk, and watched something tumble out from under the car. Wheeled back to...
  19. biker

    Decent SBC vs BBC tutorial

    Very good objective facts between the two platforms. Also some subjective opinions that are up for debate, but overall a great tutorial for those trying to make up their mind.
  20. biker


    So, as a Big Mac fan since as long as I can remember, imagine my joy at the prospect of McD's making a BIGGER Big Mac. Probably no surprise to you guys in the U.S., I think it has been sold there for a while. They advertised them last year, but they were not available where I live, I had to put...

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