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    Window trim

    I just posted in the classifieds, I need a good set for my 72RS project both front and back. In the event that I cant find good OEM, is there any aftermarket trim that you guys have had good luck with? Thanks
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    ISO 72RS Window Trim

    I'm doing a rotisserie build on a 72RS and my front and back glass trim is just not in good enough shape to try to straighten. Any leads on a good OEM set? Thanks
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    Adding power brakes to my 72RS

    My 72 comes out of the paint shop soon so it will be time to start reassembling it. It currently has manual brakes so I want to add a power booster to the brake system. I assume I will need the booster, proportioning valve and new brake I right or am I missing something? Also...
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    ISO Manual that shows detailed AC for factory AC

    I'm looking for a manual that shows detailed information on the factory AC system. I'm sure there was a factory service manual in the day that had all of this but I'm not sure which one to order. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I have the generic Hanes manual but I am looking fort more...
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    AC air volume is terrible

    My 81 z28 blows cold but it hardly blows at all. Had to put in a heater core and while in there, we found a rusted vacuum module. Fixed that and as we were putting it all back together, we made sure to securely inspect and attach the hoses. I will say that the lower vents are better......still...
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    Color matching chrome bumpers

    I have a 72 RS that I want to color match the bumpers. I've read lots of ideas on how to do it but has anyone done it successfully? What process did you use? Thanks Scott
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    WTB Custom Works RS Nose

    I know I can order one but its a 5-7 week wait and my car is currently in the paint shop. We were going to use the original urethane nose but it is to bad to try and rework. Im just hoping someone has one that they can let go of. If not I guess we will just have to wait. Thanks Scott
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    In search of 4 inch Cowl Hood for a 1972 RS

    I am currently doing a college graduation gift for my son. He currently drives a 81 Z28 as his every day car. I bought a 4 inch steel hood from a local body shop and put it on the 81 but I have had no luck finding another 4 inch steel hood. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scott
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    Air Conditioner blower volume question

    Someone please help me understand how this system is my issue. 1981 Z28, when I turn the AC on and the fan on high I get very little air volume out of all of the vents (specifically the center vents). However, if I put the selector switch to cold and vent, it will blow you away...
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    Whats it worth

    Any idea what a GM 1979-1981 dash pad new in the box would be worth?
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    1981 Dash SEM color

    I am trying to find the correct SEM color to redye my dash. In doing some research, I found that in 1981 both med slate grey and dark slate grey are listed as dash color options. I looked at them at the paint store but I swear my dash looks to have a blue hue to it. It is not blue and the blues...
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    Trunk Mechanism question

    Simple question but cant remember....1981 son is trying to come home from college. He called this morning and said his trunk wont close. I can remember how that mechanism works. Can the latch get hung in the locked position like a door? I know there is a spring in there that I suspect...
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    Seat cover quality opinion needed

    I need to purchase new seat cover for my 81 z28. They the deluxe silver seats with the tri color stripe on the headrest. I'm looking for who make the best fitting original covers. Scott
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    ISO Cragar Louvers for an 81 Z28

    Anybody got anything? Scott
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    Interior swap????

    My son has an 81 z28 and the seats and door panels need to be redone. I have a guy who has good seats and door panels out of a 97 Camaro. I have read mixed opinions on weather these will swap out without making any modification? Looking for confirmation??????? Will they swap out????? Scott
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    1981 Rear Window Defroster

    My 81Z doesnt have a rear window defroster and I want to add one. Whats involved? I assume I just need to buy a rear glass with the defroster built in and the switch and I missing anything? Scott
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    Extended Hood Hinges?????/

    Im relatively new to the Camaro son rearended someone in my 1981 Z28 and put a slight buldge in the hood right at the "crumple" zone. It really not bad but everyone I talk to says not to fix it because closing the hood puts a lot of stress on that area because of the way that the...
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    81 Air Induction Hood

    I have spent some time trying to answer this but I cant seem to find the answer. Unfortunately, my son rear ended someone last week and damaged the hood. I have found a 77 hood with the long z28 hood scoop (not like the 81 air induction). My question is.....are the holes in the 77 hood going...
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    1981 Z28 front spindle threads

    I was changing brakes and rotors tonight. As I was taking off the spindle nut, it began to get tight. I tried going back and forth, I used some Kroil, I did all I knew to do. Ultimately, it damaged the treads to the point that I need to run a die over them. I don't think a thread file is going...
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    ISO 1981 Silver Interior Parts

    I just bought a 1981 z28 that has 15D (Silver) interior. I am in need of sail panels A&B pillars trim along the headliner along the top of the doors rear side plastic panels front seat belts Any help would be grealy appreciated.... Thanks Scott

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