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  1. rchydzik

    Transmission Reverse Wiring

    I ran two wires from the tremec switch from the transmission to the connector on the steering column, bypassing the switch on the steering column. No need to hack any factory wiring, just extend the switch wiring.
  2. rchydzik

    Connector identification ?

    It could be the AC pressure switch. It goes into the one of the AC lines on the passenger side of the engine.
  3. rchydzik

    Vapor Canister hose connection to Edelbrock Carb

    The carb connection (ported vacuum) on the canister is used to open the valve that allows the canister to purge through the PCV line. If there is no connection to the carb port, the canister will not purge. Ported vacuum opens the valve and purges the canister off idle and at high vacuum cruise.
  4. rchydzik

    Vapor Canister hose connection to Edelbrock Carb

    Tank goes to tank, PCV gets teed into the PCV line, and carb goes to ported vacuum source, which is on the passenger side of the carb (left from the front). I bet a tee is easier with a rubber hose.
  5. rchydzik

    Tab on control arm - what’s it for?

    It is the bumpstop. You need the new rubber bump stop, available at any parts store. That piece has probably hit the frame a few times. You should be able to see where it has contacted in the past.
  6. rchydzik

    Performance upgrade

    74 Z28 is the L82 350. Forged bottom end, true flattops, four bolt main, relatively large factory cam. Probably has pushrod guideplates as well. You may get close to 300 hp with tuning if you already have headers. I wouldn’t modify the original drivetrain, that is the entire value of the car. If...
  7. rchydzik

    That's bizarre....

    If the coolant system was under vacuum due to cold contraction of the fluid, the rapid change in pressure when you open it will probably spray if it is near full.
  8. rchydzik

    Hurst shifter rebuild question

    These videos might be helpful.
  9. rchydzik

    SPC 97130 Upper Control Arms installed

    I went with the 252 for my 76. I don't know about availability on these anymore. At the time, a NAPA rebuild was crazy expensive, about $800. To be honest, you might want to drive one before you make a change. You won't be doing any one finger...
  10. rchydzik

    SPC 97130 Upper Control Arms installed

    A fresh rag joint may really help the dead spot. It did on mine. I later installed the PSC box, which was less expensive than a NAPA rebuild at the time (Spring 2020), and it will add effort!
  11. rchydzik

    Excellent guide (with pics) to repairing and calibrating the factory tachometer

    You can download signal generator apps for your phone that will generate square waves, and many others.
  12. rchydzik

    Low engine vacuum?

    14-15 inches of vacuum at idle seems ok on a cam with 215 degrees duration and 108 LSA? My comp 268 HE (218/110) idles at 750 rpm and 16 inches vacuum.
  13. rchydzik

    Mexican 906's VS Production 906 Vortec heads

    This YouTuber has also done some vortec comparisons.
  14. rchydzik

    Speedometer gears Turbo 350 automatic transmission

    It may be too much information, but the speedometer is calibrated to 1000rpm to 60 mph. So, figure out your output shaft rpm (3rd gear in th350), then select your transmission gears to gear it down to 1000 rpm. So for a 3.42 gear, 26.0 inch tire, rpm at 60 = (3.42*60*336)/26.0 = 2652 rpm...
  15. rchydzik

    What temperature for a coolant fan switch.

    I have a 180 thermostat. The switch turns them on at 200, off at 185. They cycle as you would expect. Typically coming on in slow traffic, mostly off at higher speeds.
  16. rchydzik

    vintage air AC to 80 camaro

    This video might be linked on this sight as well.
  17. rchydzik

    Car electrical dead after trying to crank car

    A loose connection at the battery will do this as well.
  18. rchydzik

    Manual Swap

    I put a TKO 600 in place of a TH350 in my 76. You will need a new console, hole for the shifter, clutch, flywheel, bellhousing, clutch pedals and linkage, transmission, new yoke appropriate for the transmission, crossmember, driveshaft modifications, and figure out the neutral safety switch and...
  19. rchydzik


    Your drawing looks correct to me. Is there a ground in the firewall plug? Or somewhere along the brown wire to the alternator? The red from the battery to the horn relay is the battery charge wire and should have a fusible link at the starter. There has to be a short to ground between the...
  20. rchydzik


    My reply earlier was proof that I shouldn't post after just one cup of coffee in the morning. You are burning the field excitation lead. It goes battery, ignition switch, and back to the alternator. I think you have a short in the excitation system in the alternator. Take the alternator out...

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